Sunday, October 23, 2011

The New Place

We arrived at our new place in Montgomery Monday the 10th, KoKo is parked in the driveway and is our home. This move would not have been possible without KoKo. We were committed to the LDRA and we were equally committed to accepting the offer on our home and getting out when they needed to get in.

Making the move in two parts cost us double, but that cost will soon be forgotten.

While we have made many trips here to see our daughter and family over the last 13 years, we knew very little about the city. So far, we are impressed. We think it’s more livable than Birmingham. Certainly smaller. We were concerned with the high black population here. In Birmingham, more often than not, blacks are afflicted with attitude towards whites. We have seen none that here. Everyone is cordial. We had black neighbors in Birmingham, we have them here.

We were able to get “our” painter to bring a crew from Birmingham. They camped out in the house this week, while we slept in KoKo. This place has LOTS of trim, including divided windows. They managed to get the five carpeted rooms and all the windows done this week. They will be back Monday and expect to finish late in the week. The carpet will be installed Wednesday. Plantation shutters have been ordered. The kitchen has a new refer and we are trying to get a gas line run for a stove.

Since KoKo is stocked for extended trips, there is very little we need until the movers bring it all out of storage on Halloween. Besides our daughter lives less than five minutes away.


The New Place



Our Current Living Arrangements

P1130359The Back Patio

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Montgomery Bound


Did you know?

Southern Arkansas is FLAT. North of the Arkansas River it is hilly and the roads wind constantly. Serpentine is a apt description. One day we drove 115 miles in 3.5 hours.

Friday – October 7 - The Regional Adventure is over. Based on the comments we heard, it was enjoyed by all. Several folks came a day or two early, several stayed a day or so after. I think that speaks well of the event.

We quickly fell into a routine of coffee and breakfast, an activity, cocktails, dinner and finally campfire.


4 sylamore2

The view from our campsite


It’s Harder to Kidnap Fat People


The LDRA Balloon Fest

We left Thursday morning and drove 2.5 hours to Lake Maumelle and stayed at a COE park on the Arkansas River. Today, we are reaching out 4 hours to get to another COE park near Oxford, MS. That will put us almost half-way to Montgomery – our soon to be home base.

ARG! The GPS could not correctly route us to the park near Oxford. The COE campground book we carry with was wrong also. They mixed the directions for two nearby parks, a sentence from each was interchanged. That cost us an extra hour of driving on not so great roads.

Saturday - We passed by the Ole Miss campus. WOW! I had wanted to visit Rowan Oaks this morning, but since the CG was 10 miles away and we were in a hurry to get on the road that will have to wait until another time.

We are spending our last two days on The Big Ditch - the Tenn-Tom waterway. You will recall that it is taxpayer funded infrastructure project that is not used much. We can get our laundry done here before arriving at our unfurnished “home” Monday afternoon.

This will be our last post of the trip. The next few weeks will be fast paced as we struggle to make a new nest.