Monday, March 6, 2017

Quick Trip To Florida

We cut our Florida trip short. We only stayed two weeks. Florida is still Florida, it is just not that exciting to us anymore. The weather was great.

We went down to get our windows defogged.  They are now clear. But it was a miserable experience at Suncoast Designers.

We enjoyed staying with friends for a few days on their ranch. It’s in a hilly section of the state. The morning sun coming through the new leaves and Spanish Moss was enchanting.

We found two PBS stations that actually played music. No news, no opinions. Just music.

We paddled the Chassahowitzka river on the Gulf side of the state. Lots of birds and one river otter.

We were going to paddle Juniper Springs also, but when we found out it was a five-hour trip, we wimped out. It would have been the day after doing the Chassahowitzka and Dorothy was still worn out from that.

On the way home, we wanted to take a new route. But Glenda did not approve. It took several tries before she gave up on taking us through Tallahassee and Dothan. We got back on US 82 and drove on five Martin Luther King Blvd’s in the process.

 One of the holes where the Chassahowitzka forms

 This otter had no fear of us. Just foraged and munched away.

 I like this exposure

Koko on Mike's lift. I tightened the coach bolts
He has the most fantastic workshop