Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Week in Paradise


We drove to Santa Fe, shopped at Trader Joe’s and had a delightful dinner and visit with Bernie and Martha.


Terry and Kate came down from the Ghost Ranch. We went to Abiquiu looking for some mud boots for them. We had a tasty lunch at the Abiquiu Inn and explored an east road to some interesting rock formations.


We drove FS 151 to the end this morning. At the end of the road we found the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert.

27 abiquiu 11

Interestingly, Delorme does not show this road, though it is a first-rate gravel road along the Rio Chama. There are several put-in, take –outs places for kayaks in addition to several camping areas – all free.

27 abiquiu 10

The Rio Chama

Kate and Terry came by for dinner, Dorothy’s chicken enchiladas and Baja salad.


We have achieved a higher-level of slothfulness. With max effort, we can now be “out-the-door” by 10:15. Which we did today. We went up the road, again, to the Ghost Ranch and did laundry in their inexpensive machines. We got back in time for our naps. Next up, will be cocktails. Life is difficult.

Dorothy watched a couple try to put up a tent. It did not work out for them. They left.


We must be really enjoying Lake Abiquiu because today we were able to do absolutely nothing, just like at home. We puttered around the rig doing a few little housekeeping chores and sitting outside. After our nap, we went to see Kate & Terry and borrowed a few movies from them. The first one we watched was “All About Eve”. It’s a Betty Davis movie and quite good.


We today we did a short drive to see the white cliffs. They would have been good, except there were power lines in front of them so we did not take pictures. Again we lazed in the afternoon. We could really enjoying having a home here.

Sunday, September 13

Another day in close to paradise.

27 abiquiu 19

Lake Abiquiu

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Abiquiu, New Mexico

Sunday, August 30

After stopping at Wal*Mart in the horrible town of Durango for groceries, drugs and a haircut, we managed to drive to Chama, NM for the night. It’s fine little park. Only thing is we spent as much for one night as we did for previous three weeks.

We caught up with the rain in Pagosa Springs so the rig is now dirty.



We did laundry and drove less than an hour over La Magna Pass to a private CG near Horca. The CG is rather tacky - filled with Texans for the season. Most of them do crafts. Boring!



Mike and Lisa Sylvester arrived to do preventive maintenance on all the major systems. No problems were found. We both learned a lot from them. We thought we knew a lot about RV’s. Wrong.

We went a few miles down the road to Elk River CG and parked next to Keith and Sandy. Fine CG, but not scenic.



We did a drive with Keith and Sandy in the mountains. Almost as soon as we left it clouded up. We did not see anything of interest and returned to the CG.



We had planned to hole up at Elk River for the holiday. But, after finding nothing scenic yesterday, we decided to head south and escape the afternoon rains, the clouds and the cool temps. Of course, it rained all the time we were driving through the mountains. Once we got near Abiquiu, it quit, but the clouds remained the rest of the day.

At least we are in red rock country. It’s not Escalante, but it beats most of Colorado. The Texans can have Colorado.

Abiquiu is a good value CG. COE. We have W&E for $7. That’s a dollar less than we paid last night for just a gravel pad in the woods. And there is dump in the CG. We have OK Verizon coverage. Excellent AT&T at the top of hill, but nothing in the CG. No TV. Since the place is booked for the weekend, we snagged the ADA site. It has an asphalt pad, a ramada, next to the bathhouse, the closest neighbor is 40 yards away and we have a view of the lake. Oh and a flower bed. Life is good.

27 abiquiu 09

Our campsite at Abiquiu

27 abiquiu 10


We put the yaks in the water before lunch and paddled for an hour. This arduous activity was followed by lunch and a nap.

Later the energy level went up again when Dorothy gave me haircut. This was followed by munchies and cocktails. Which was followed by dinner.


Saturday, September 5

The New Mexico sun favored us today. It was bright and sunny most of the day. The iron and sand colored rocks were illuminated and glowing.

Kate of Choula Red came down mid-morning to visit and took us back to the Ghost Ranch for lunch.

27 abiquiu 01

Sunset at the campsite

Lunch put me in a nappy mood and so we came back to Abiquiu. The afternoon temp was divine for me. Having the right temp always puts me in a mellow mood. We re-found The Bridge on XM whose play list was perfect for the afternoon.

We have decided to stay in the area, probably right here, until we have to head east to LBL. Why? Well, it’s a magical area. Plus Champagne Apples will be ready to harvest about the middle of the month. We got a box from Dixon’s two years ago. Tasty! It seems a shame run off wo getting another box.

Dixon’s Apples

27 abiquiu 02

The Ghost Ranch


Sunday, September 6

The plan for the morning was to hike the Rim Trail just north of us. It supposed to be the best hike in the state. We could not get moving. One thing after another. We made it near the trailhead by 11AM. The thought of hiking wo lunch coupled with the fear of the running out of gas in Pelli before we got to the TH, was enough to spin us around. We found the ONLY gas station in the area and filled up.

We found a great free parking spot next to the Rio Chama. The river is still a class 2 this late in the year. We move there next week.