Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The last of Moab

Friday, May 25, 2007
When we extended our stay here, we knew we had to move as our site was reserved. So we moved to the space behind us first thing in the morning. It took us all morning, as we did some much needed cleaning of the camper and washing of clothes. The sky was 97% blue, so we decided to have a good lunch, nap and then drive to Canyonlands to observe sunset. And so after five, we did. The entry station and VC were closed and the enforcement ranger passed us going out. When we got to the overlook, there were only three other cars. By 7pm, we were by ourselves. We put on two Charlie Christian CD’s and Dorothy had G&T and I had Ardbeg. As the sun went down the canyons to the east were bathed soft light. The sunset was not spectacular, but decent.

On the drive out, there were a few other cars, but the surprise was the number of cars inbound at 9pm. My guess was their plan was to get in for the weekend without paying.

Saturday, May 26, 2007
We are saving our third trip to Arches for Tuesday hoping for less people, so today we decided to go to Fisher Towers up Hwy 128. This is another of the places used in movies. We have found that the pictures in the morning do not turn out well, so we did not leave the campground until 10:00. The dirt road was not very good, but only a one mile or so. The hike was not advertised as easy, moderate or strenuous. It was silent on the subject. It’s a 2.5 miles to the end or one mile to the first tower. It was the hardest hike we have ever done. We had to scramble over rocks and my legs aren’t as long as Don’s, so I did some crawling. It took 1½ hours to go the mile because I had to take so many breaks. Starting out, we descended 200-300 feet and then we hiked up 400 feet and it was hot. I would recommend it to anyone in good physical condition and in cooler weather, but I would not do it again in the heat. But the main thing is that it was worth it. The scenery is spectacular and the only way to see it is to hike. When we back to the campground, cloud cover had moved in, and made the weather perfect for hiking – you just never know. I was totally wiped out for the rest of the day.

The rocks on this hike had many odd shapes, vastly different from Canyonlands or Arches. One spire that was favored by technical climbers was topped with a Geisha. When we rounded the spire and viewed it from the opposite side it looked like a duck on skis.

We see more than a few couples hiking with infants on their backs. You have to be in good shape to carry an extra 20 pounds any distance.

Sunday, May 27, 2007
A lazy day, some shopping in the morning, lunch, nap and a drive up the La Sal mountain road to see some green trees and a babbling brook. We hoped to find a camp site to take the LD this fall, but they are all quite primitive and most beside the road.

Monday, May 28, 2007
Another lazy day, we washed clothes, read, surfed the web, had lunch and a nap. After dinner we drove to Windows section of Arches NP. The light was perfect. Perfect until the sun went behind a cloud and stayed there until after sunset. And so it goes.

Two easy days has allowed Dorothy’s feet to partially recover. I am stiff from to little activity.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Our last day in Moab. Thankfully we had the best weather day we have had in weeks. It was a little cooler in the morning with a nice breeze. The only clouds were on the horizon and the haze was nearly gone. We drove to the Garden of the Gods at Arches NP. We thought this is the best area in the park. We hiked about 2 miles and decided the save the rest of the hikes and Dorothy’s feet for our return trip this fall.

That's all folks!

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