Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oregon, II, On the coast

Wednesday, August 27
It only took an hour to put the extra panel on, so we were on the road at 10 and found our campsite at Waxmurtle south of Florence by 12. Almost no one is here today.

Thursday, August 28
I went to sleep at 8 and slept until almost 8. By 11, we had the Jeep ready for the dunes and we drove around on the sand for an hour or so.

We went back to the campsite for lunch and had a nap! We did a few chores before cocktails.

The new solar panel adds 30% more charging ability, which should prove useful on cloudy days. We watched TV last night and used almost 60amp-hours, about 25% of our capacity. We were back to 100% before 3pm.

Friday, August 29
We did chores today, washing, marketing, repairing a seat on one yak, and patching a bobo on the other yak.

Saturday, August 30
We took another drive in the sand. I wanted to go up the backside of Show Off Hill, but I lost my nerve. I spent the afternoon doing more chores.

Sunday, August 31
We hiked to the shore through the loose and deep sand. The distance was only a one mile, in the loose sand it took the energy to do three miles.

Monday, September 1 – Labor Day
We drove 37 miles up the coast to Tillicum Beach. We managed to snag a beach front campsite and started Happy Hour at 3 with two other couples from the Seattle area.

There are dozens of Gray? whales feeding just beyond the breakers. In one minute I counted 17 blows. Gray’s are not supposed to be here this time of year.

Tuesday, September 2
We explored some places just north of Tillicum that we had not been to since 1996. Got Dorothy a MUCH needed haircut and we picked up some groceries at Safeway.

We enjoyed one of the best sunsets we have seen in some time. There was a quarter moon inserted in the glow of the sunset.

Wednesday, September 3
We drove a little more north and wound up at Cape Lookout SP. Before dinner we drove to Cape Mears and enjoyed watching the surf splash on the basalt rock formations just off the coast.

Thursday, September 4
An hour and half drive took us from 9:30 to 2, after we stopped to wash a few clothes, buy cheese and look at more haystacks. Oregon is the best.

We are Ft. Stevens SP, the extreme NW point of Oregon. This is as far north as we will go. Our purpose here is to enjoy the company of fellow Lazy Daze owners. We had cocktails with Norm and Jerry, one of the god parents of KoKo.

Friday, September 5
The sky was completely overcast when we woke up and stayed that way all day. This was the first overcast day we have had in Oregon.

After breakfast, we explored the historic part of Ft. Stevens. It was built during the Civil War to discourage the Brits from grabbing any land. The fort was rearmed with modern artillery in WWI and again during WWII. It was closed in 1944.

We spent the afternoon visiting with other LD owners. They are 31 rigs here. We met Tessa, Jazy, Charlie and Lia Hill from Texas.

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