Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter turns warm

Sunday, we drove back towards Ft. Myers and paddled the Orange River. Nothing really spectacular, except for the manatees that love the warm water from the power plant. It was good exercise in a pleasant setting.

On Monday, our camping chums bailed from Ortuna to go to the Everglades. They have the hiking addiction. We decided to stay out our nine day reservation at Ortuna. The wind never abated so we never got to paddle the coastal islands. But we stayed warm with electric heat and watched four movies. One, Appaloosa was actually first-class. Anywho we spent a lazy week doing almost nothing.

Sunday we drove two hours southeast to Big Cypress Preserve. Finally, the Florida landscape changed from orange groves and cattle to the more appealing “swamp”.

Monday morning we went Shark Valley and got on the tram with all of the other cheesy tourists for a 17 mile trip through the Everglades. First, there are no sharks. They do have boo-coo alligators and wading birds. The alligators lay on the road the tram and bikers take. A good feeding place I suppose. I was disappointed not to see a gator gulp down a French biker. And so it goes.

Ranger showing you cannot sink into the marsh because of the limestone base

Blue Heron seeking lunch

Gators sunning

What the Everglades look like in the Winter

Mommy gator with kiddies

Tuesday we drove to Everglades City. What a bust. Dorothy wanted a seafood lunch. I balked at $30 plus for a sandwich and drink. Dorothy sulked. She wants to run over Nancy Pelosi. Who wouldn’t?

Wednesday we take the ranger guided yak trip. We are looking forward to that.

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