Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures of Cedar Breaks, Zion and Fishlake

This is Cedar Breaks NP. It supposed to be a little like Bryce and it is, but it is not as dramatic.

Taken in the ghost town of Grafton. This house was used in Butch Cassidy. Recall the scene where he rides the bicycle and Etta gets on the handle bars.

This is the front door to Zion taken from a overlook a few miles distant.
Not a view commonly seen. You are so blessed to see it. [BG]

Fishlake taken from an overlook across the lake from where we parked KoKo. If you had eagle eyes, you could see KoKo. There are several eagles and other fish eating birds that cruise the lake for lunch.

Fishlake looking east. It's a pretty big lake and a natural one. There are two sailboats on the lake. One was out today, main only, rail down, in 20+ knots.

Nope, that's not snow, the "cotton" from the Aspens. This area trapped it. If you click on the picture, the larger size will show it better.

This one is for our friends Terry & Betty. They take a picture of every park entrance sign with Betty standing next to it. They use the pictures to introduce all the other pictures they take at the park. I am guessing they don't have a picture of this particular sign. The road looks OK here, 50 yards down it's all rock.

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