Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Last Week in the San Juan Mountains

Sunday, August 23

Laundry Day. In the evening we went to the Brass Band concert they have every Sunday evening.


It rained.


We drove to Stony Pass with Keith and Sandy. Since they have been coming here for over 20 years, they make fine tour guides. It was mostly overcast all day.

The ranger stopped by the other day to let us know a bear had been sighted. He gave us a pamphlet ‘Living With Wildlife’. In addition to the usual precautions was this one. Abstain from sexual activity.


Mostly overcast after 10am. I swapped the water pump and did some other chores. This has become a real neighborhood, even borrowing vinegar. Another fine campfire.


We drove to the top of Mt. Kendall that is the backdrop for the town of Silverton. This is not a saddle, from the top you have a 360 view of the San Juan’s. Fantastic. Dorothy was a little unnerved by the long narrow shelf road. We left Pelli and put on our hiking boots and walked about 1/2 mile up and had more fantastic views, also it was good to get a little exercise. Which does not take much time at nearly 13,000 feet. Huff and Puff

26 silverton 52

Note we are almost as high as 13,500 footers in the background

26 silverton 56

On Top of the World


Another scenic drive day for us. The first drive was very easy and we stopped at an old mine (one of thousands in this area) and had great views. We continued on for a few minutes and found more sheep grazing, but did not see the dogs. Then we went to Black Bear Pass. This is another jeep trail that is quite popular and difficult, but we only saw four other vehicles. We got to the top of the pass, which was as far as we could go. You need more jeep than we have to continue downhill. The views were spectacular, probably in the top three vistas of the trip.

26 silverton 64

We Made It

26 silverton 66

Looking West from Black Bear Pass

26 silverton 68

The Road Down from Black Bear Pass

Interesting side note – when we arrived in Colorado, we weren’t impressed at all and I was ready to head home. Now that we have been in the Silverton area, we know we will be back. Most everyone we meet has been coming here for years and years.

Saturday, August 30

On our last day here, we went with Keith and Sandy up Arrista Gulch. This is the site of the Mayflower Mine and Mill, which operated until 1991. The highlight of the drive was spotting six mountain goats high above us.

26 silverton 70

Fuzzy Picture of Mountain Goats – 420mm Hand Held

Dorothy is made dinner for Keith and Sandy and they brought a triple chocolate desert.

Today marks a minor milestone, we have not had hookups for three full months.

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  1. Instead of a 420mm hand held, you would have done better with a 7mm at that range.