Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Week in Paradise


We drove to Santa Fe, shopped at Trader Joe’s and had a delightful dinner and visit with Bernie and Martha.


Terry and Kate came down from the Ghost Ranch. We went to Abiquiu looking for some mud boots for them. We had a tasty lunch at the Abiquiu Inn and explored an east road to some interesting rock formations.


We drove FS 151 to the end this morning. At the end of the road we found the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert.

27 abiquiu 11

Interestingly, Delorme does not show this road, though it is a first-rate gravel road along the Rio Chama. There are several put-in, take –outs places for kayaks in addition to several camping areas – all free.

27 abiquiu 10

The Rio Chama

Kate and Terry came by for dinner, Dorothy’s chicken enchiladas and Baja salad.


We have achieved a higher-level of slothfulness. With max effort, we can now be “out-the-door” by 10:15. Which we did today. We went up the road, again, to the Ghost Ranch and did laundry in their inexpensive machines. We got back in time for our naps. Next up, will be cocktails. Life is difficult.

Dorothy watched a couple try to put up a tent. It did not work out for them. They left.


We must be really enjoying Lake Abiquiu because today we were able to do absolutely nothing, just like at home. We puttered around the rig doing a few little housekeeping chores and sitting outside. After our nap, we went to see Kate & Terry and borrowed a few movies from them. The first one we watched was “All About Eve”. It’s a Betty Davis movie and quite good.


We today we did a short drive to see the white cliffs. They would have been good, except there were power lines in front of them so we did not take pictures. Again we lazed in the afternoon. We could really enjoying having a home here.

Sunday, September 13

Another day in close to paradise.

27 abiquiu 19

Lake Abiquiu

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