Thursday, October 8, 2009

Homeward Bound

Saturday, Saturday 19

We hiked at Tent Rocks. We had been here two years back and wanted to do it again. It’s only a 3-mile RT, but Dorothy was having a bad foot day. It’s very accessible slot canyon, with interesting rock formations, plus a vista view from on top.

28 tent rocks 01

Tent Rocks in New Mexico

28 tent rocks 05

28 tent rocks 07

The slot canyon at Tent Rocks


Homeward bound - Cochiti to Santa Rosa SP. Stopped by CW in ALQ to pick up a spare water pump – just in case.


Santa Rosa SP to a city park in Pampa City, Texas. My birthday.


Pampa City to the Wal*Mart in Poco, Texas. We could not locate the alleged free city park in Enid, OK.

30 gas lep 01

The leprechaun hustling for gas at the gas station


Stopped at a private CG near Mountain Grove. MO. We gain could not find the alleged free city park west of Springfield.


Poco to Lake Wappapello SP near Popular Bluff, Arkansas. A small quiet park, ideal for fishing.


Arrived at LBL, Hillman Ferry CG for the South Central Lazy Daze Roundup. We enjoyed meeting new folks and catching up with old friends from the Baja trip. I will let Dorothy fill in the details of the next five days.


It was a little overcast and warm, not very inviting for kayaking. There was a barbeque benefit in town with several groups cooking and proceeds going to that group’s benefit. We had big, delicious, juicy ribs at Laurel’s Foundation. This foundation was started by a little girl, Laurel, who had had cancer and the proceeds go to support other children going through cancer treatment.

Sunday, September 27

All, except one, have arrived for the Roundup. We have spent time visiting with a lot of people and renewing friendships with some we have met before.


Beautiful day, but cooler and windy. Had fun trying out a new toy, a recumbent trike ; which I really did enjoy and decided I should have one. That is, until I learned the price was $2500 and up! Oh well, so much for that toy.

This is was first official gathering of the group and we enjoyed a great assortment of finger foods.


Again a cool day. We went to a program at the Planetarium. It wasn’t a great presentation. The group had a pot luck dinner.


We went to the Nature Center. I didn’t see how it would be very interesting especially since it is small and the only animals are one that are native to LBL. Was I ever wrong in my thinking! It was great. We had a energetic knowledgeable tour guide talking about the owls, a bald eagle, and a couple of hawks that live at the center, one’s that have been rescued and cannot survive in the wild now. They also have three red wolves that once lived in the area, a very laid back bobcat, a coyote, and an assortment of aquatic life.

Several of the men went on a guided fishing trip and caught lots of fish. So many that we had a fish fry instead of grilling out. They also supplied salad and all we had to supply was a baked potato.

It’s a good group and we are proud to say that we are now members. We will work together to get a multi-regional LD gathering in 2011

Thursday, October 1

Drove home from LBL. I can use all the water I want to wash dishes.

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