Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Border and Back

It’s Thursday, February 25. The weather is a little warmer, but we have not had three days without rain all month. Today, we drove 3 hours south to Alamo into what they call the Valley. It is dead level flat, so I don’t get the valley reference. It was 72, nice and warm, with a strong wind. There is not a front between here and the mid Pacific, so maybe the weather is turning?

Everyone at this CG is happy and friendly. Unlike where we have been the last month. We may stay here. This is the first time in several weeks we have smiled.

We came down to be with Bill and Ruby and their friends. Margaritas across the border are in the offering.

South Texas looks a lot like south Florida. That’s not such a good thing. We are as south here as we would be in Miami.

It was 74 by 9:30, so I put on shorts to cross the border at Progresso. We went with five others and had a wonderful day shopping and drinking. We had a great lunch at Arturo’s. The restaurant has been in business for over 50 years. All of the waiters look like they came from 1940‘s Hollywood casting - distinguished looking. At 3, we were in a bar drinking margaritas for $1.50. We were back home by 7. Progresso is the best of the border towns we have visited.

The next day we went to a flea market unlike any we had been to. No junk. All useful merchandise at budget prices. We bought a baking dish, belt, ball cap, chopping knife, Alabama flag, gas matches, a Texas star, phone case, and 1500 thread count sheets - all for less than $90. Then we got pineapples for $2 and a sack of oranges for $3. Tonight we are having pot luck with a dozen or so of Bill and Ruby’s friends.

Sunday, we met Jim and Pam Wells for another lunch at Arturo’s. Don had Cabrito and I had way too much good food. One thing about our purchase of a Lazy Daze that may be unique to only a few types of RV’s - we have made so many friends with LDer’s. So we can join friends we have met along the way for lunch.

The “Valley” is over 60 miles along US83 evidently built and designed for Winter Texans. There are over 100 RV parks, many with several hundred sites. There is a big box store of every name along the strip.

Monday morning we spent an hour saying goodbyes and drove north back to Rockport.

The Jeep has the engine check light on, so we will take it to Corpus to see what’s up with it.

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  1. Hey you two!

    Martha and Bernie just pulled in next to us yesterday, said they were coming to visit you guys in a few!