Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Last Days in Texas

In the last Blog entry, we mentioned Hen Egg Road and Starlight Theatre. Here are pictures from those places in Terlingua.

View from Hen Egg Road of Hen Egg Mountain. You have to use your imagination

The stage in the Starlight. [sorry about the overexposure on the left, the door was open and the bar was dark]

April 18th
Sunday we drove two hours north to Ft. Davis and got a W&E site for three days. The plan was drive the scenic loop Monday and star gaze at McDonald Observatory the next day. The scenic drive was not all that appealing so we terminated it at the observatory. The sky was overcast, the forecast was for rain for the next two days so we decided to do the daytime program, solar viewing and a tour of the telescopes. We were less than impressed.

Davis Mountains

Tuesday morning, it bright and clear. Perhaps we will try the night time program at the observatory, the reason we came here? We decided against it after our less than fun experience Monday. We did not want to risk $40 to be disappointed again. We spent several hours cleaning KoKo and Pelli. They were filthy with blown desert dirt and cottonwood tree trash.

We were ready to move east and fast. There is nothing between Ft. Stockton and Junction and even tho it’s a six hour drive we elected to get away early and just do it. And so we did. This was one of our few days on interstate highway. We got to Llano SP about one and paid for one night. Ideally we wanted to exit Texas before the weekend and the crowds arrived. OTOH, the weather was delightful and the the park is one of the best Texas state parks we have been to. Lots of trees, green grass, flowers, and birds. The place is alive with birds and birders. Before five we back renewing for another day and putting our names on a waiting list for weekend cancellations.

Thursday we planned to paddle the Llano river, but it was overcast. Nothing in the forecast about. Dorothy wanted to wash our huge bag of dirty clothes so went into town and took care of that before lunch. We started the afternoon reading and figuring out where we go could for the weekend. Our planning session was interrupted by a ranger stopping by to let us know our number had come up on the cancellation list. So we renewed through the weekend. Problem solved.

Looks like more drinks and lies with our neighbors (and birders) from San Antonio Becky and Harry.

Friday morning we went to the library and used their wi-fi, read magazines and ate their cookies. Great library.

Friday afternoon we paddled 3.5 miles down the Llano River. It’s a typical western low water river, but there has been enough rain to just get you over the round rocks. Well most of them. There were at least two dozen riffles to pass through, some of them 50 yards long, Fun!!!

Dorothy gets hung on a gravel bar on the Llano River

Sunday, we stopped in Llano to gorge ourselves on BBQ at Cooper’s. This place is a carnivore delight. You start at the pit and pick your meat. In addition to pork and beef ribs, they had sausage, chickens, steaks the size of cakes, goat, roast beef and more. We got pork ribs. The sauce is the best. A thin vinegar and tomato. Ideal for sopping.

Cooper's BBQ in Llano

After our feast, we continued east to Georgetown. Our first city in a month. All the big box stores. We parked KoKo at a Passport America place and went to HEB. For non-Texans, it’s about the only grocery in the state.

Monday, Dorothy pushed us drive five hours, which got us to Martin Creek Lake SP not far from the Louisiana line. Our last night in Texas. Woo Hoo!

We will be back in Alabama in two days - home a day or so after that.

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