Sunday, May 8, 2011

KoKo Take a Short Trip

KoKo’s wheels turned this month! We were gone for a whole six nights. We went to the South Central Roundup held near Lafayette, LA. It was good to see some old friends and meet some new ones. We had some good food, especially the dinner at Prejean’s. We could eat there every day for a few weeks and have something new every day. Cajan has become very trendy.

We had a wind storm about 6am the morning we left. It trashed the yard with branches, so we picked up the larger ones and left town. We noted thousands of trees down along our route to Starkville, MS. We had planned to get on the Natchez Trace there, but it was closed due to trees across the road. We turned south to Jackson and got on the Trace there. We had a pleasant evening at Rocky Springs CG which is just north of Natchez.

The next morning we found out the wind storm we encountered was minor to the tornados that ravaged central Alabama in the late afternoon.

We made it home in three jumps. First from Lafayette to my cousin’s farm next Kentwood, LA. [Home of former slut Brittany Spears] We spent the night in his driveway. He took us on a tour of Moak Farms showing us his cows, wood pile and thoroughbreds.

The next night we stayed at a COE CG north of Meridian. This gave a a short hop home the next day.

We spent $450 on gasoline. We have spent that much to get to New Mexico in the past. And so it goes.

We went to wedding last night. I am always hopeful that each wedding we attend will be our last. This one was special to us as a Pit Bull was the honorary ring bearer. Yeah, one of those dogs that strike fear in the minds of many people. We know that dogs are what people make them. This one was calm and submissive. Of course, there is a story. A 20 yo for no reason, beat the dog with a shovel. Then doused him with lighter fluid causing burns over 60% of his body. The guy got 9.5 years. Almost long enough.

Only two lookers at our home and one of those was not really a prospect.

That’s the news from Hoover.

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  1. Sounds like a good time. Any pictures? Especially of the wedding dog.