Sunday, August 5, 2012

East Bound

We are headed home. I wanted to go to the San Juan’s in August, spend September in New Mexico and drift home during the cooler month of October. However, we are headed back so Dorothy can go to her 50th HS Reunion and the wedding of her niece. In the heat of August.

Tuesday, July 31 – We awoke to dumpster diving in the parking lot. A grizzled man carefully went through each dumpster and trash can. How do they come up with $35 to park and then have to go through the trash? We see these types all along the coast. Left over hippies?

We delayed breakfast and got on the road early. We were looking for a Wal*Mart but the two we found did not have groceries. Grocery stores are hard to find here.

We headed east on CA166 a fine two-lane through some half-decent scenery. We parked at a FS CG six miles off the road. A forest of pin oaks covers the area. The price was good, zero. One other camper.

Wednesday, August 1 – We left coastal fog Monday and entered desert haze today. The Mojave may be great for jack rabbits, but it’s always been a fly-over area for us. We landed at a San Bernardino County park near Barstow. [San Bernardino the largest county in the US] We were going to stay at an RV park we had stayed in before. When we arrived I recalled it. The owner requires you to follow him in his golf cart to the site [about 40 yards] and he waits while you hook up making many less than helpful suggestions. I told him I would not follow him. He said, Tough. I said Bye. Good thing, as this place is nicer and cheaper.

Thursday, August 2 – We abhor interstates. And I40, especially in west Texas suxs. Few choices of places to stay and of those there are, they sux. That said, I have two goals on crossing, do it in the least miles and always have electric for a/c.

I40 starts in Barstow. We drove from there to Williams, AZ. Started around 8, arrived around 4. A long day for us. But it got us out of the heat. We finally found a Wal*Mart with a grocery in Kingman and stocked up. Gas west of the Colorado River was $4.39. On the Arizona side, $3.19. We have never seen such a difference. 40 gallons at a $1.20 discount buys a nice dinner for two.

Not far east of Kingman, we passed 4,500 feet and the grass was belly deep for the cows. Of course, the temp dropped also. We will be cooler until we drop down in west Texas. A clear day. No haze. Went through a brief rain shower. First since July 2.

Friday, August 3 – Lazy Day. Found a DIY car wash and got the Jeep washed. The first time since the end of June. I don’t think California allows anything but full service washes at $18 plus a pop.

Had a one hour rain shower at the CG. Odd stuff rain. It’s been a long time.

After listening to intermittent bang-bang for over a half-hour, at 10:50 I got up, got my super-bright light and went outside in boxers and t-shirt to see who in hell was making the noise. It was a jerk in the next site trying to get his door to latch by slamming it over and again. When he re-opened the door I put my light on him for a second. That brought him out, stumbling since he could not see very well. He stumbled over to our site and proceeded to dog-cuss me and explain that he had three girls inside and needed to get the door closed. I told him it was time to be quiet. More dog cussing. But, he retreated and the noise stopped.

Saturday, August 4 – On the road again, early. After a half-hour we stopped at a Pilot to fill-up and Dorothy got breakfast at McDonalds. Gas prices are variable here. $3.19 is the low, while we see plenty at $3.49.

After four hours we landed at Red Rock, a city park in Gallup. We stayed here in 2007. Not bad and surprise there is a trail into the canyon that offers scenery that is reminiscent of the best of Utah.

34 - Gallup 02

The sky color when we arrived

34 - Gallup 06

How things change in two hours

Sunday, August 5 – An 8 to 2pm day and we are still in New Mexico. We over-nighted at Santa Rosa SP in the electric section. Down at 5,000 feet. it’s toasty 90 outside.

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