Friday, September 28, 2012

Late Summer in Alabama

I will update y'all on what we are doing while not traveling.  We had only lived in our new home about 2 months before we left.  In that two month period we were setting up things.  When we returned home, it was all new to us.  I could not remember where we had put anything - opened and closed lots of cabinets and doors.  But we are now "at home" here and I know where most of my stuff is.

The reason we returned early to so I could attend my 50th high school reunion and also attend my youngest niece's wedding.  We went to Birmingham for the reunion and stayed with our friends in our old neighborhood.  It was bitter sweet - I loved that neighborhood but I do not miss the steps going into or in the house.  We were invited to attend cocktails with the planners of the reunion.   When we got back, Frank had his famous spaghetti dinner.  The reunion was very special.  I got to see some people that I had not seen in 50 years - girlfriends that I went to grammar school & high school with.  And the food was very good.  One thing that stood out was a group of us that went to the same grammar school talked about our 8th grade teacher.  She was abusive, physically and verbally.  To get a group together and we talk about our teacher, and the memories were very clear of her abuse of 54 years ago is testimony about how bad it was.  Today she would have been arrested.  Three girls now live in the Montgomery area and I have had lunch with one girl who lives pretty close to us.  We will get together for lunch.

We were honored to be invited to attend the After Rehearsal Dinner for my niece's wedding.  It was held at, The Club, a Birmingham club which overlooks the city.  It is probably the best view of Birmingham anywhere.  The wedding was beautiful, my niece was a gorgeous bride.  My oldest niece was Matron of Honor and she was also gorgeous.  My great niece and nephews are very good looking as was my brother and sister-in-law.  And I can say all of this without any prejudice at all.  I also thought my daughter and her family were great looking, again without prejudice.

While we were gone, it was very dry in Alabama which resulted in the death of most of the plants in the yard.  So, we have dug, cut down and pulled out all the dead stuff and have replanted.  It has taken a while.  Of course, the weeds thrived so they have been dug up.  But we think our yard looks very good.  Also we (me especially, because I love doing it) are pressure washing the patio and driveway.

As soon as the yard gets in good shape, I will tackle cleaning inside the house.  Koko also needs a good cleaning, but it's been too hot to work on that yet.

We don't know what our plans are for 2013 except that I definitely want to be in the San Juan's in August.
If you're traveling, have fun and be safe.

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  1. It was great talking to you this afternoon. It sounds like you are finally settling into your new home. We miss you in Hoover, but Montgomery is not that far!! Take care. Home to see you and Don soon.