Sunday, April 21, 2013

Crossing The Country Again

(Note:  For those of you that are new to our blog, our motor home is manufactured by Lazy Daze in Montclair, CA.  Throughout the blog, you will see us talking about friends that we are with that have a Lazy Daze or LD.  The motor home is white and dark tan and we wanted a name referring to the color. We thought of cocoa. Since a friend knows we love the west, she suggested Kokopelli - a Navaho fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player.  Thus the motor home is named Koko and the Jeep is named Pelli.) PS, the rock art images of Kokopelli are anatomically amplified, not cleaned up like this one.


This is our eighth crossing of the country since we retired in 2006. Over 80,000 miles in the RV, plus another 30,000 in the Jeep. It takes us about 10 days to cross. Let’s see 8 round trips, so 16(10) is 160 days or almost six months of our lives that could have been better spent if our daughter had moved to any western state.

Sunday, April 14 - We left home in the rain. We thought of postponing for a day but it looked like we were going to drive in rain at some point so we left.  It rained until we got to Reform, AL which is about 40 miles west of Tuscaloosa. Then it was cloudy, but no rain.  We spent the night at the Jeff Busby Campground on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  The campground is paved and the sites are mostly level.  The restrooms are clean.  And it is free! 

Monday, April 15 - We drove to El Dorado, AR and spent the night at Wal*Mart.  I will whine a little here.  My arm is giving me a little trouble and I am having trouble sleeping.  I finally gave in around 6pm and took a pain pill.  I have lots of them. I don't like being drugged, but I don't like being in pain either. 

Tuesday, April 16 - A very early morning for us - we left at 6:00, stopping for breakfast along the way. We arrived at Juniper Point CG on Lake Texaoma just after noon. Our site has a nice concrete patio and water and electric. We get good television reception and internet.  We came here to met our friend, Nancy, that full-times in her LD.  We had a good time chatting and catching up.

01 - Crossing 01 01 - Crossing 04 01 - Crossing 05

Wednesday, April 17 - The three of us went to Sherman looking for a barbecue restaurant.  It wasn't where it was supposed to be so we went to the Visitor's Center, which is located in a very large antique store.  The place we were looking for has been closed for some time, but they recommended the Cackle & Oink Restaurant.  We all had ribs which were pretty good.  Our son-in-law’s sauce is better and I will have that on my leftovers.  It is mostly cloudy, warm and windy.  The breeze feels great.  And even though the sun isn't shinning brightly, you can still get a sunburn which I did yesterday sitting outside.  I will have to be more careful.

Thursday, April 18 - Had a storm come through early this morning, but it didn't wake us.  It's much chillier today, so we are just lazing around and spending some time with Nancy.  Going to be colder tonight!

Friday, April 19 – We could not stop chatting with Nancy so we got away at 10:30 and proceeded to stop every few miles for something. The plan was to boon dock in Caprock Canyon, but by 3PM we had covered about two hours of the five hour distance. No way were we going to drive until 6PM. About that time one of the fine Texas rest stops appeared and we parked for the night.

Saturday, April 20 – Caprock Canyon or bust. This is part of the legendary Llano Estacado where the Comanche held off the pony soldiers for almost 100 years. One arroyo after another to hide in and wait for the cavalry. We read a book on Quanah Parker last year and wanted to see more of area than you can see from the main highways.  I had seen two great aerial pictures of the area and wanted to try to get one picture that would make the diversion worthwhile. However, the gods were not with me. The forecast clear skies were actually 98% overcast all day. Not sure I found the right place anyway. We did pause at some of the picnic areas. Ideal for views and over nighting. Every so often a ranch truck will go by.

01 - Crossing 06  01 - Crossing 07 01 - Crossing 08

On the way you pass through Turkey, Texas, home of Bob Wills. One fine year our crossing will time with the annual music festival held there. I had rather waltz than drive across Texas.

Sunday, April 21 – A two hour drive through some of the brownest country we have ever seen to an almost dry lake near Ft. Sumner. Ft. Sumner has two claims to fame. One, a place to herd plains Indians until they died. The second is Billy The Kid. Now on Mountain Time.

Next stops, Lake Abuquiu, Mesa Verde and Moab.


  1. Looking forward to following you on your trip. Enjoyed the BBQ at Cackle and Oink. Hope we catch up again this year.

  2. How is Ting working out for you so far? Since we left TX our phone signal hasn't been as good as Verizon, but we like our smartphones.
    Have fun in Utah!