Monday, June 3, 2013

The Palouse

What's a Palouse? Last year, I asked David Gardner where they were going in 2013 and he said The Palouse. Huh? I Goggled it and saw a picture of lush green rolling hills and I decided right then I had to see the place. So here we are in eastern Washington, with David & Mary, and it's even more special than I imagined.

Monday, May 27 - We left Oregon and went to Walla Walla, Washington, which is halfway to the Palouse area which Don has been wanting to see for six months.  Our goal was to go grocery shopping and do laundry.  Sunday night was not a good night for me and I didn't feel good all day.  One reason was because I accidentally doubled my meds and to add insult to injury, I burned dinner!  But on the positive side, the refrigerator is stuffed and the clothes are clean.

Tuesday, May 28 - David, Mary and Don are excited to get to the Palouse region.  My thinking all along was that it would be nice and I would have fun.  As we arrived in this area of rolling green hills, I couldn't believe it.  It's a feast for the eyes.  The hills are planted in wheat and barley with some lentils and peas.  We are staying at the Palouse-Empire County Fairgrounds RV park in Colfax, WA.  We went sightseeing and drove to a cemetery where there were 250 American flags waving in the breeze.  It was so impressive.  We went into town to look around and walked the streets.  There is a used book store that was closed for the day, but had some books in stands outside for free.  I picked up one book and if it isn't good, that's okay.  We also went to the library and I got another book for 25 cents.  I am the big spender.

Farm Equipment From Yesteryear
Our Parking Place
Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 29 -  We left Koko at 5:30 a.m. and headed to the Steptoe Butte for early morning photography.  It was cool and windy at the campground.  At the top of the Butte, it was very cool and very windy.  But well worth it because the views were great and Don got some good pictures.  David and Mary are pros when it comes to photography.

Lush Wheat Fields


Other Photographers

Thursday, May 30 - We went sightseeing in Pullman, WA which is home to Washington State University.  This is a beautiful campus and much newer that either Alabama or Auburn.  Incidentally, Auburn's first game of 2013 is against the WSU Cougars in Auburn.  We had lunch at Phikun's Thai Cuisine.  It is in the top five Thai restaurants that we have been to.  On the drive back to CG, we continued to be amazed at how beautiful this area is.  We are enjoying camping with Dave and Mary. We share cocktails each evening and a lot of dinners also.

Friday, May 31 - Today we drove to Moscow, ID.  This is seven miles from Pullman and is home to Idaho State University Vandals.  This is a nice town, but not as upscale was Pullman.  The smell of wood smoke located a decent BBQ joint an we devoured 1.5 racks of ribs. I finally got a haircut which is the first one since the week before we left home.  It was an exciting day at the CG.  There was a huge farm equipment spreading either fertilizer or insecticide  up and down the hills, a crop duster was flying around and the cottonwood trees are in full cottonwood whatever.  The whatever is lots and lots of cotton-like stuff blowing in the air. Don's PC died. The root cause was Dorothy dropping it last year. He now has a Macbook. We went back to Steptoe Butte at sunset for more pictures.

Saturday, June 1 - We went to Palouse for the Rat Rod Show. Fun. 

International Harvester With Mopar Power
Three Window Coupe
Many Roller Girls
One Roller Girl

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