Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Sunday, we came back to Moab from The Needles and found a place to park in our favored CG, Goose Island. Not on the river side, but maybe we will get waterfront before we leave.

We tried to get our front end aligned, but there is not a shop that can handle us here. That will have to wait until we get back to Grand Junction. We also will get the windshield replaced there. It already had two small cracks, but when changing wiper blades last week, I released the spring tensioned arm while the blade was off and it cracked it from bottom to top. And so it goes.

Did the marketing at City Market, bought a new belt and found out from the shop owner where the cactus are blooming and spent the afternoon and evening in the RV as it was cool and windy. In fact, it’s been cool and windy for a week. It starts to warm Wednesday.

06 - Moab001

You can take it all with you. Parked on the street in Moab where they spent the night.

We met Dana & Cathy last year in the CG and they are back, but this time they are in a condo along with their friends Gary & Diane.  We were invited to dinner and had a delicious meal with great company.

Tuesday, we did some moderate Jeep trails with Dana and Cathy and Gary and Diane. We went to some new places in the Bartlett Wash area north and west of the airport. A wonderful day with congenial companions. It was the first blue sky day since we arrived a week back.

06 - Moab008 06 - Moab011

06 - Moab013 06 - Moab014

06 - Moab018 06 - Moab022

Diane spotted this non-spotted feathered friend on the trail to Hidden Canyon.

06 - Moab025

A great place to slide down

06 - Moab027

The La Sal’s with more snow than usual for this time of year

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