Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gold Beach

We came here to attend a get-together with other Lazy Daze owners. It would have been less mileage for us to follow our usual route, but we are glad we came here first. They came, we visited, they left. We have no plans to leave. Our plans are to revisit every place we have been around here before, some new ones and do it very slowly.

Facts about the water flow on the Rouge. Winter, 8,000 CFS. Spring/Summer 2,500 CFS. Fall, 1,200 CFS. Flood, 200,000! No flood this year, very little snow. You can tell the water level is down some, but there is still a lot of water. There will be a test on this.

We are acclimating to the rhythm of low tides and sunsets. Which brings to mind something I read 30 years ago about a system programmer in Tracy Kidder’s book The Soul of a New Machine. Computers, now and then, perform operations in machine cycles. A cycle is a fixed amount of time. The trick is to do as much work as possible in a cycle - clever programmers find it both challenging and competitive. One of them after working nearly a year designing the machine instructions left a note on his desk. I have moved to farm in Vermont. I refuse to deal with any measure of time that is less than a season.

Tomorrow, we will walk on the beach, hike the coast trail or buy more salmon. Maybe one or all three. I think we will do the same thing the next day. I will end each day drinking either expensive whisky or cheap pilsner beer.

12 - Oregon011

This ship had a working life of 97 years – the longest for any registered vessel. She now sits 100 feet from where she was built. I did not work that long, but I sometimes feel like she looks.

12 - Oregon013 12 - Oregon016

The Shape Of The Coast

12 - Oregon017

Out our back window, there is more than ducks, geese and wading birds

12 - Oregon022 12 - Oregon023

Where the sea critters live. The sea critters at home.

Reading a Forest Service brochure to select a hiking trail, I find one that advises that it is steep and rugged and care should be taken when traveling. Since this trail is in a wilderness the use of wheeled vehicles is prohibited – non-motorized wheelchairs excepted.

12 - Oregon028

Hiking in an old growth forest – one the loggers missed with Douglas Firs. Which are not really firs. The species is also known simply as Doug-fir or as Douglas pine. Look at the ferns.

12 - Oregon029

Wildlife encountered on the trail

12 - Oregon030

The largest Myrtlewood tree in Oregon – measured by girth. They smell good like camphor.

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