Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bandon, Now Coos Bay


After two weeks of sun, we found fog. Entirely normal. It’s been cloudy here and with a marine layer that moves onshore in the mornings and late afternoons. And so it goes. This afternoon, we had mostly sun. So we drove KoKo to an overlook and backed in. Dorothy cooked a marvelous meal and we spent the afternoon looking out the back window at the scene below. Love the windows.


A Snowy Plover habitat is just out of the picture to the left. They are super protected, so beach walking is limited to one direction.

Not that I would want to see them, but I do wonder what becomes of the billions of pictures snapped on cell phones. Are they ever looked at? Are they left on the phones when a new model is purchased? I watched two girls with their phones held high over their heads taking pictures in all directions. They were turning around fast, so maybe it was on movie setting. Half of whatever they got was of the parking lot.

Coos Bay

After getting revved up about parking at the Mill Casino in Coos Bay, we decided to leave Bandon and enjoy a few days of pampering – pool, spa, laundry, wifi, prime rib, etc.  When we arrived we were startled to find it full up for a Monoco RV rally. I guess they are here before the FMCA event in Redmond next week. Bummer. Really nice RV park. Oh, the Monoco folks are not “our people”. Very well dressed, ear rings, etc. I guess when you pay $600,000 for an RV, you have a different life style.

Over at the Red Lion motel their sign welcomed the participants of Virtual Academy Conference.

For Dorothy’s birthday, we went to the prime rib buffet at the casino. It was so good, we had seconds on the beef. It was first Indian casino we have been to that did not have an Indian decor motif. Even tho, they had a smoke free slot area, we were not in the mood to play.

The sun popped out just after 10, so we put down our computers, got in the Jeep and drove to Cape Arago about 10 miles south of our campground. The sun was still out when we arrived, but after 20 minutes the marine layer rolled in. And so it goes. We did see hundreds of seals and sea lions through the mist. The skies were clear over North Bend.

Blue skies the next day so we went back. A splendid day.

12 - Oregon089

A lens filter makes the water look like the Maldives

12 - Oregon089a

Two types of sea lions and two types of seals get along together here. The barking of the Stellar lions is constant. Sounds like a dog kennel with a sassy cat walking through.

12 - Oregon094b

Cape Argo, just around the corner from Simpson Reef where the sea critters are. Note the “sideways” waves in the foreground.

12 - Oregon107 12 - Oregon105

On the dunes before sunset

Dorothy’s account

Wednesday, July 30 - After leaving Gold Beach, we made the long drive to Cape Blanco State Park - 30 miles.  It's a very nice campground and would have considered saying a couple of days except they were hosting the Port Orford Country Music Festival on the road leading to the park.  It was going be chaotic, so we left the next morning.  The festival could have been fun and there was camping in the fields onsite, but it was sold out.

Thursday, July 31 - Another long driving day - 27 miles to Bandon, OR.  It has always been a favorite destination.  We found a great boon docking site at the Rocky Point County Boat Ramp along the Coquille River.  It is a very quite place and seems very safe.  Did a little driving around but not too much.

Friday, August 1 - Today was an extremely lazy day and it was overcast.  We drove to the town of Coquille, which is supposed to have some Victoria houses to see.  They had the houses, but they were in poor repair.  Then we went to Bandon and stopped at Gibson Graphics to get a couple of t-shirts.  We have always bought our t-shirts there when we come to Bandon - a tradition.

Saturday, August 2 - Another overcast today and we didn't do very much, but Sunday was suppose to be better.

Sunday, August 3 - After breakfast, we went drove Koko to China Creek and parked overlooking the beach.  As previously mentioned, the Oregon coast is fantastic.  We spent a pleasant six hours just enjoying looking at the beach.

Monday, August 4 - We headed to North Bend/Coos Bay to stay at The Mill Casino.  It sounded wonderful and cheap. When we arrived, we discovered that they were hosting a Monaco Motor Home Rally, so the place is packed until they leave on August 11. We spent a rather restless night in their overflow parking lot.

Tuesday, August 5 - We drove to Oregon National Sand Dunes Recreation Area and found a good campsite.  I had an early birthday dinner at the casino where they had a prime rib buffet.  It was so good, we both went back through the line for a second helping.  And since it was my birthday dinner, I had cherry cobbler and ice cream for dessert!

Wednesday, August 6 - Where did the time go, how did I become so old?!??!  It was foggy in the morning, but around 10:30 the sky cleared and we headed out to Simpson Point for some more beach sightseeing.  It was a surprise when we got to Shell Island and heard so much barking.  The Harbor Seals, California Sea Lions, Elephant Seals, and the Stellar Seal Lion "haul out" there:  meaning, they haul themselves onto the rocks and sun themselves. 


Sunday, August 10 – Moved 20 minutes away to the Mill Casino to do laundry and cook spaghetti. Still a week until we have an appointment, so we have a week to get all the way to Sisters.

Oregon is scenic. The median income is a little above the national average. Many of the homes are small and look sub-standard. Many built on the cheap. I expect to see weathered exteriors on the coast, but when you start with a sheet of exterior plywood, it’s not going to last long. Ditto Washington state.

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