Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On The Quay In San Diego

If you don’t do something stupid once in awhile, you will not have many amusing stories.

This is a true story. As much as I can remember of it anyway. The fellow like me likes to locate and drive remote roads. This road was in South Africa. You know the place that has large kitties. He does not have 4WD. He prefers late 1950’s cars with huge fins, like a Cadillac or Desoto. Perhaps not ideal an vehicle for dirt roads.

Skipping to the part of the story where the rear frame is resting in the soupy dirt. It’s late in the afternoon, he figures it will take him until dark to dig it out, so he decides to wait and see if someone will come along and help him out. So they have cocktails, a one-pot dinner and bed down for the night.

The next morning he attacks the dirt with the only thing he has that will serve as a shovel – a tire tool. He does not want to soil his pants so he takes them off and lays down in his red underwear to begin work. Bugs want to get in his ear, so he puts toilet tissue in them. To keep the sun off, he coats his arms in mud. Three hours later, he making some progress, when a car appears. German tourists in a rental. Ideal. So he approaches them in his red undies, tissue in his ears and tire tool in hand. Their eyes are big. Fortunately, his wife is German and she is able to convince them they will not be harmed and all they need is a tow.


Remember the couple in our last post that were camping in the desert in a Caddy? Well we were their guests on the S/Y Kaori last night. 


02sd31 02sd38


Dorothy, Cathie and Kiki


Yohan, the skipper, and Dana

02sd24 02sd28

02sd36Kaori, built by Palmer-Johnson, 130 feet overall, is for sale. The price is just north of six million. The skipper says she is a sweet sailor and with 20 knots apparent, she will do 12 knots.


02sd15a 02sd15d

A 240 footer parked close by. The mast is the most expensive mast ever made. 20 million. Note the three fore sails.


Our view from our hosts home

02sd08 02sd09

Birds of Paradise

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