Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Still In Moab

We opted to stay another week and see if the haze would clear out so we could take some photo’s. ON Sunday the forecast was for only one windy the whole week. Monday night the forecast was changed for four days of wind. And so it goes. We could go elsewhere, but the wind is blowing there too.

Dorothy writes: April 4 - Saturday - We drove the Hey Joe Canyon Trail.  It's an easy drive, but was good to get on a trail again.

April 5 - Sunday – Some LD friends called us and said they were leaving Goose Island CG early and we could take their site.  Goose Island is one of my favorite CGs.  It's close to town so it’s easy to get groceries at City Market and go to the feed store to dump and take on water.  Almost half of the sites are along the Colorado River and it's hard to get a site there, so we were excited.  Thank you Dan & Barb!  After we got our site set up, we went to town to do laundry.  It had been two weeks, so it was piled up. 

April 6 - Monday - Don met people getting in their site, Eileen & Dave from Canada.  Already we are meeting friendly people here.  While sitting outside reading, a new neighbor, Laurie, came over and chatted while she waited from her husband, Paul, to bring their rig over.  They are from Washington and they also have a Jeep like ours, except theirs is red. 

With our new expensive 4G booster, we can get internet at our site - we are happy campers.  Paul & Laurie came over for Happy Hour, so we are having fun.

April 7 - Tuesday - It's windy today so no reason to go out in the Jeep because it's too dusty to take photos. We went to Eileen & Dave's for Happy Hour and were joined by Paul & Laurie.  One of the things I like about Goose Island is that we have met friendly people.

April 8 - Wednesday - It's VERY windy, but that's a good thing because Don finished our taxes.  We went to Susie's Branding Iron for another prime rib dinner and took Paul & Laurie with us.  Delicious food and good company.

April 9 - Thursday - A very good day.  The wind is down and we went wheeling with Paul & Laurie to Dome Plateau. It's not difficult enough to scare me, but still just enough to make it interesting.  The views overlooking Professor Valley are majestic.  Many westerns were made there and you could just see John Wayne riding around the monoliths. 

April 10 - Friday - Our camping friends left, so we are now in a popular CG on a weekend.  We hope that when the weekender's leave, we will get some new camping buddies to share Happy Hour and maybe go wheeling together. 

The above was written after I wrote the following. Dorothy says we are on different trips.

Sunday – April 5 – We have been here two weeks now and will be around for at least one more week. 1,300+ Jeeps left this morning. The town almost looks vacant. We were little affected by the influx. After 10 days perched on a rock we came down and are parked in our usual place along the Colorado River. Dorothy likes the rock wall on the other side of the river. We gave up a quiet place, with a great view and internet access for a place with a little road noise and no internet. The upside is that we have four days of winds of over 20 forecast, so being in the canyon tones the wind down a bit.

It’s a popular CG and idiots cruise through all day looking for a home, even tho the sign says Campground Full. The ones that come in after 6 in the evening must be some kind of special stupid. I would like to change the sign to add, “No shit, it’s really full.”

Two weeks of dirty clothes and linens took up four “triple load” washers.

The local community radio station is run by volunteers. You hear artists played by no other other station in this universe. Some of it is actually enjoyable. This morning a Navaho was playing traditional “Indian” music. The other morning a young gal, 12?, hosted two hours of 70’s tunes. She liked Journey. They announce who needs a ride to neighboring cities and also lost and found items.

Wednesday – April 8 – Being Wednesday it’s prime rib day. Along with two other couples, we will be at Susie’s tonight. The wind has been blowing all week and topped out today. Woowee. It is forecast to lay down tomorrow for several days. The wind has allowed us to get some maintenance items done, shopping, and finishing taxes. Still on the list is washing KoKo, it’s been over two months.

Thursday – April 9 – The wind did lay down and we were on the Dome Plateau trail for nine hours. We had done part of the trail before in the Liberty. Looking at the trail yesterday, we have no idea how we got that Jeep over some of the obstacles. This time, thanks to careful navigation by Paul and Laurie, we stayed on the trail and found all of the things we wanted to see, including La Boca arch and best of all the overlook of Fisher Valley. I kid you not it’s the best overlook we have ever seen, anywhere, anytime. That was the agreement of all four Jeep teams at the overlook. You want pictures to prove it. Sorry. The sky was great when we left in the morning. But it was 3pm when we got to the overlook and the sky had loaded up with water vapor and clouds had settled in over the La Sal mountains. Still it was a glorious day.

14 Moab41

This looked way worse to me than it was. I wondered if I got down if I could get back up in the sand. So I went down while our friends with a winch stayed up. I came back up and never spun a tire. The Jeep continues to amaze me with it’s capability. 14 Moab52La Boca Arch [The Mouth]

14 Moab54Here I am sucking it in for the camera at the overlook

14 Moab56

Fisher Valley in the haze 14 Moab58An attempt an a panorama – Did not work so good 14 Moab60 14 Moab63 

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  1. I recognize some of those pix! It was great meeting and having with the two of you. I hope we get the chance to ride together again! Laurie & Paul