Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Way We Keep Score

We have both been to all of the lower 48 states. We have raced a sail boat in many of them. I have been to Hawaii four times. I hold a tenuous claim to Alaska, I landed there and spent a few minutes on the tarmac while taking on fuel. When we retired we reset the scoreboard and started counting states only after we spent at least 30 consecutive days in one. We also pledged not to bother with the eastern states again. While we enjoy some of the mid-western states, we normally only spend a few days in them while transiting to a more western state.

So with that criteria here is our brag map.
There should be stars on Oregon, California, and Utah as we have spent months in each of them. We have boon docked in both Oregon and Utah for over 90 consecutive days. 

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