Friday, September 23, 2016

Northern Utah

Back to Bonnieville

We drove out on the speedway Saturday afternoon. It turned out, the event was over, so we could just go past the un-manned barricade. We parked next to the one of tents housing one of the cars. They were all EV’s, electric vehicles. 

The Honda team had set a world record with a speed of over 400mph. At least that’s what we understood. 

There were very few spectators left and everyone talked in whispers.

In the spring the lake bed is covered with a few inches of water. When it dries up the BLM smoothes out the lake bed to make the 11 mile long speedway. 

This is what a lot of the lake bed looks like when it’s not prepared.

Sunday - Tuesday - September 18-20

Shopping and eating in SLC. This city has some great restaurants. One of our fav’s is in a not so great part of downtown - across the tracks.  It’s named The Red Iguana and is very popular. The food is Mexican, but what makes it great are the mole sauces. In any fare, a sauce make the difference between good and superb. We did a taste test of all of their mole’s and both decided the mango based mole was our fav.

We got take out dinner of shredded chicken with the same mole and bought a pint of the mole to put in the freezer.

Dorothy has a rant 

Sunday, September 18 - We arrived at Anderson Cove CG, a National Forest Service CG administered by American Land and Leisure.  It is a park-like setting with lots of green grass and several varieties of leafy trees the reservoir.  The sites are paved and level and only $12 per night with the Golden Age Passport.

Once the Forest Service started turning over the operation of their campgrounds to concessionaires things took a turn and not always for the better. They raised the prices and have tried to get Congress to eliminate the discount passport for the "old people".  It was not approved the first time, but they will continue to try, I am sure.  

Now this is a rant - America Land and Leisure employees are the most unpleasant people that we have encountered and Anderson Cove is definitely not the exception. This is our third time here and it has not changed. American Land and Leisure must be extremely horrible employers because the employee's have hissy fits at the slightest perceived rule violation. They obviously have no leeway whatsoever in the daily operation. The campground is 95% empty, so we moved the Jeep to a vacant site across from our site so we could go dump.  We did not dump when we came in because the dump has backed up and we would have blocked the road. Immediately, the host hopped on his golf cart and chased us down to tell us we could not park in the empty site.  Good grief, we were only going to be gone 10 minutes and there was no one coming in.

The reason we stay here is because it is convenient (sort of) to Salt Lake City and the RV parks there are expensive and crappy.  We have to do some shopping in SLC and there are restaurants where we want to eat.

So here we are in a beautiful campground and will enjoy our stay here.  We will do our best not the infringe on their rules in any way and cause the employees to have heart attacks!

You have Reached A Safe Space

Our previous visits to SLC have been during the summer and the Skyline Road that runs along the spine of mountains east of the city was closed due to un-melted snow. This time we drove a portion of it. It’s an easy road, 2WD throughout the main part. So we got the view of the Great Salt Lake from on high and saw a bit of Fall color. Guessing that it has not rained in the last month as most of the trees were in distress and dropping brown leaves. 

Wednesday - September 21

My birthday. We drove south to a state park on a familiar reservoir to be in position for a drive to an alpine lake and paddle the yaks tomorrow.

Oops, we have been watching the weather for Moab and have not paid any attention to local weather. When we parked the wind was up and the clouds looked ominous. We checked the weather and learned that rain and much cooler temps are on the way.  Had we known, we would have driven south to avoid the front.

Thursday - September 22
It rained in the morning and remained overcast the entire day. We chanced driving to Mirror Lake after lunch hoping we would not be rained out. It worked. While the wind was too high and the temp too cool to put the boats in, we enjoyed the drive through the fall foliage. 

Falls On The The Provo River

Mirror Lake

Fire In The Aspens

Friday - September 23
We debated all morning, stay another day and avoid the rain or take a chance and get to Price. The radar map showed no clouds south of Provo, so we went for it. Didn’t work. It was not heavy rain, but enough to mess up Rubi. We parked at Walmart in Price.

I am reading Sanburgs’ Storm Over The Land. I am always amused and envious of the style of writing in the last century. Here’s what I mean Diary. Lincoln had appointed John Fremont as head of the Western Army. Fremont on his own published a emancipation order. This was contrary to a law just passed by Congress. Lincoln suggested he modify his order. Fremont replied that he would only do so if directly ordered. Lincoln wrote “Your answer, just received, expresses the preference on your part that I should make an open order for the modification, which I cheerly do”. 

This is good place to end. We will be in our beloved Red Rock country tomorrow for a new adventure. 

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