Friday, December 16, 2016

Replacement Mode

We have been in replacement mode since we retired. I foolishly thought that since we had everything we needed and it was in good repair, we would not have many major purchases after we retired. Not so, we have replaced everything in the last 10 years.

Our bodies are also in need of replacement. Dorothy continues downhill with her legs. It will end where she will not be able to walk. Her doctor told her that well over 10 years back. I started using a CPAP in April and it was a miracle. My energy level was reset back a decade. I no longer was falling asleep at 5PM. I could exercise, hike, etc. After four months the miracle went away. While my sleep apea is under control, I am back to struggling to stay awake after 7PM. I have had all sorts of tests. Three doctors have no clue what the problem could be.

After over two years, I have changed the masthead picture. Still like the old one, but this one taken in the Bighorns Mountains interests me also.

Some 2016 campsites in review. Ones where we had the place to ourselves. Nothing but horizon.

 Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

 Our own babbling river on the eastern approach to Yellowstone
 Warm River, Idaho

 Rouge River, Oregon

 Mad River, California

The Maze, Utah 

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  1. Hi, Don! You just left us comment on our windows. I thought I would reply here. The windows themselves are great. A few suggestions...Stay in the coach and watch them remove the windows and replace them!! I would even go as far as watching them replace the glass in the frames in the building. We had two frames that are quite beat up. Luckily it is at the top and we don't see it. We had quite a bit of damage during their replacement of the windows...a cut in a valance, heavy scraps and holes in a wood panel piece, a cut on an MCD shade and five leaky windows. They are very overbooked and don't have a lot help. So we feel they are always rushed (both times). The fellows don't get to go home til the work that day is finished so they are hurrying. Our 13 windows were suppose to take a week and they did it in three days because they wanted everyone out to lay new gravel. We felt comfortable with fellow doing our windows so we didn't stay around...WRONG idea!! Communication is nonexistent! You will have no idea when anything is happening. I will tell you that come to your door at 6:30 AM with paper work so be ready!! From there you will be in the dark as to what happens next. Everyone is very nice. The guys that do the work in your MH are all super friendly but need to be watched! Good luck! You will be there during their busiest time so be watchful. Let us know it goes:)