Sunday, June 11, 2017

Carson City

First A Few more from the Alabama Hills

 Our Free Climbing neighbor

Convict Lake

 The Hot Springs Of The Owens River

 Where Hoards Of Mosquitoes Live On Owens River

Convict Lake

Carson City

Wednesday, May 31
The sky was fully overcast when we woke up and stayed that way until late afternoon. It was slightly cool, but it looked like winter. We went to the hot springs and found they were just as we left them in 2007.

The map showed wetlands between the springs and the White Mountains, so we continued east from the springs. The marsh area reminded me of similar places in the Cascades of Oregon. Just as I started taking pictures we were engulfed by a swarm of mosquito like bugs. We retreated to the Jeep, but when I opened the door hundreds of the suckers proceeded us inside. It took over an hour to coach all of them out. There was the scent of sulfur in the air from the springs, so perhaps these bugs were attracted to it.

We checked out the trail to a waterfall in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. It’s only two miles from the trailhead or four miles round-turn. Over my capabilities. Still, I wanted to do it. I located a review of the trail and it made up my mind. The reviewer said it took him 90 minutes to get there and it’s uphill all the way. I knew I could not do 90 minutes starting at 8,700. And so it goes. I found a picture of the falls online and it was no big deal.

After lunch, we got bored and drove into Mammoth Springs and looked at the not so good looking homes. All are on small lots, so you can reach out your window and touch your neighbor's house. In the evening, we watched episodes from season two of Fargo and season one of Boardwalk Empire.

Thursday, June 1
Sun and blue skies today. Dorothy has altitude sickness and I am not feeling all that great myself. Time to get off the mountain. I pushed myself to put my kayak in the lake and I am glad I did. It’s a very photogenic lake. The water is clear as it’s totally fed from snow melt.

Friday, June 2
North on 395, unhooked, as we had two steep grades to pull and we are over 7,000 feet. [At this elevation our combined weight exceeds the chassis rating] KoKo seemed excited to be free of the Jeep and saw two CHP’s give her the eye when she passed them going a little over the speed limit.

We got down to Carson Valley and parked at our friend's house. I opened the box with the step I ordered and found it was not what I needed. I called Lazy Daze and they are going to send us one. But, it will not arrive until next week. So our stay here is going to be extended. We have lots of chores to catch up on, lots of restaurants and time to enjoy our friends.

Saturday, June 3
The pump kept running and we did not hear it for awhile over the road noise. That was yesterday. The pump was working fine this morning until I turned on the shower to rinse out the shampoo the second time. No water. I hooked up to city water and finished my bath. Before I could towel off, Dorothy tells me the stove will not light.

I figured no worries on the pump, as I carry a spare. I discovered the spare was not one I wanted to install. The real spare must be at home.

Sunday, June 4
I think I found the problem I have been having with the negative battery terminal being loose in the Jeep. Found the Jeep transmission fluid was down almost a quart. But there is no evidence of a leak. Aliens again. The good news keeps on coming.

Monday, June 5
Discovered I had the spare water pump all along. I hooked it up and all is well. Later our friend took the pump apart and found some gunk on the pressure switch, cleaned it and it works again. The pilot light in the oven now lights again. Gremlins.

Tuesday, June 6
Have no idea what I did.

Wednesday, June 7
Cooked spaghetti sauce. Devine! Washed the Jeep. Ran some errands, downloaded some TV shows.

Thursday, June 8
Got the step installed. It was made a lot easier with John’s help. Went to the rifle range and found I really can't hit much with my automatic anymore. Going to have a new front sight put on so I can see it. I do pretty well with the .45 cannon. We both had fun shooting the M and P 15-22. The local news came out to the range to do a piece on shooting in places that are safe from starting wildfires. We were on the local news. They have had three fires started this week from people shooting in the field. It's DRY here and always a breeze.

Friday-Sunday, June 9-11
What we have been doing is a blur.

Car shows, gun shops, great restaurants, chores, etc. We like Carson City.

 It took a long time to see and read all the things this guy did to his build.

We had the stove checked out. No problem found and it has been working normally since. We have gremlins.

Cool weather the last few days. Highs in the 60's, lows in the 40's. And a moderate to a strong breeze. 

Two Yellow Ford's - Take Your Pick

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