Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mostly Moab

Monday, April 2 - We parked on one of our fav "rocks" overlooking the Goosenecks of the San Juan River. We planned to stay for two days and just veg. We did not check the weather. There was the usual wind out of the south with gusts over 25. In the afternoon we were rocking and rolling. It settled down after dark. Not being able to sit out, we decided to head to our next stop an hour north.

I think this is the fifth time we have been through Monument Valley while the wind was howling. Looks like we will croak before we get second chance to see it.

Tuesday, April 3 - The loneliest road in Utah must be UT 95. There are almost no humans between Natural Bridges and I70. Our kind of road. We saw three other vehicles in 30 miles. We found a  parking place just a 100 yards off the highway. It has a great view of Jacob's Chair beyond a white rock canyon. Perhaps one of the best views we have ever had in Utah.

 Jacob's Chair Above KoKo

Along UT 95

We tried to drive Jacob's Chair trail, but about halfway up the mesa the trail was blocked by large rocks. Next, we tried Paiute Pass, but after a mile or so, we encountered a really off camber slope with deep loose dirt on the downhill side. I deemed it ripe for a rollover so we aborted that trial. Then we drove a few miles on Fortknocker trail and could have kept going until it reached the Dark Canyon. But that was a bridge too far in mid-afternoon. 

Wednesday, April 4 - We continued north on UT24 through some of the best red rock scenery in the state. Since there was no traffic, I was able to poke along at 40 and enjoy looking. It's like Island In The Sky, but better. Before you get to beautiful downtown Hanksville, the show is over, as you enter a desert scape. 

We parked at Temple Mountain as we have many times in the past. Finding the parking area almost empty was not surprising to us. When we took the Jeep to the dirt road we figured out why the parking area was empty, everyone in Utah was dispersed in the red dust- dozens of rigs. We had never seen so many people here. And they kept coming even after dark.


Thursday, April 5 - We got to Moab to find Keith's Jeep fuel pump had gone south and it was three miles down a trail. I pulled it out with no problem. The tach never got above 1,500 even going uphill in 4 wheel high. I think I could have pulled two Jeeps. Impressive machine. 

We are parked where we were last year, but instead of being alone there are dozens of RV's all around. We thought Utah spring break was over. We are told schools have different schedules.  

Had a good campfire with seven other couples last night.

Friday, April 6 - We pulled Keith's Jeep into town and a mechanic replaced the pump in little over an hour. We headed back, but it quit again after a mile or so, so we pulled back to the shop and left it overnight. Dorothy and Sandy chatted at the camp. 

Saturday, April 7 - The morning was cloudy, so we decided to do chores. Two laundromats in Moab have closed which is a surprise since there are so many dirty tourists here. We got that chore done and then went to our favorite grocery store, City Market. Even on Saturdays, employees are busy restocking the shelves that quickly empty. In the evening we went back into Moab and had prime rib dinner at Susie’s Branding Iron. Strange things happening here - it’s raining and I mean really raining.  Whoever heard of so much rain in Utah! Anyhow, we now have mud but it will dry out quickly.

Sunday, April 8 - This afternoon we had a goal to go to Klondike Bluffs.  I missed our trail and had a real Jeeping experience. We drove over a lot of slick rock and saw dinosaur prints. Although we missed the bluffs, it was good to get out and see some scenery.  We will get back to the bluffs another time.  The Weyer’s son, Brett and D-I-L, Linda, arrived along with their friends, Rob and Norma.

Spring break is over, the crowds left.

The Largest Expanse of Slick Rock We Have Seen

Monday, April 9 - We all went Jeeping today.  We climbed a lof rock on 7 Mile Rim, but I never got uncomfortable with it. We had others with us in case something went wrong. So we bounced along the road/trail for four hours. We went to Uranium Arch.  I find arches fascinating for some reason. 

Keith found a rock and snapped his lower control bar bracket. The clever guy wrapped a length of chain around it and around the axle. He went really fast on the way back and I wondered why. His axle could now move back allowing the tire to contact the wheel well when he braked. So he was not braking downhill.

We were very tired when we got back to camp. I fixed a quick dinner, we went over to Keith and Sandy and had a very good campfire - no smoke.  We were back in Koko at 8:20 and I was sound asleep by 8:30.  Don read for a while but I did not hear him when he got up at 3:00 to turn the cat heater on. We did not wake up until 6:30 which is very late for us. I slept ten hours without waking up once, which tells you how exhausted I was.

 Optional Step- We Opted Out

 Arches National Park and The La Sals

Uranium Arch

Tuesday, April 10 - Not doing much this morning. I’m fixing foods that I don’t have time to do when we go out on the trails. Planned to go out in the afternoon, but it turned full overcast, so no picture taking. After dinner, we went to the snowbirds campsite and had a big bonfire. They are all headed back home after spending the winter in the southwest. We all chatted about places we have been.

Facetimed with Alecia. Bennett walked in and saw the landscape where we are parked. It's not scenic. He dismissed it a desert. It is but he has no clue of the wonders close around.

Wednesday, April 11 - The forecast for today and tomorrow means we will be doing sedentary activities like reading. The barometric pressure is dropping and the winds will be building - up to the mid-30's tomorrow. Batten the hatches. 

Team Weyers will be doing the Metal Masher today. A trail way over the capabilities of a stock Jeep.

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