Saturday, October 20, 2018

End Of Summer

It finally has cooled off some and it will get a bit chilly tomorrow morning. This has been the warmest summer I can recall. Soon I will be carping about rain and cold.

This is the first summer we have been home since 2011. We have done a "thousand" little projects that would have never gotten done with our usual travel schedule. 

Finally, I will be able to accomplish some projects that have been on hold all summer such as waxing KoKo and installing a new AC with the help of our S-I-L.

The last four weeks have been all about Dorothy. She is in her fifth week in a non-walking cast. One more to go, if the x-ray shows the proper healing. Then two weeks in a walking cast, and finally four weeks in a boot. 

Our Jeep had a sudden growth spurt. A 2.5 inch lift with 35" inch tires. Next new bumpers and more armor. I have to stretch to get in. We made need a wench to get Dorothy up.


  1. Hoping everything works out after the Surgery.
    Also hope that Dorothy can get in the Jeep.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thank you. I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to your travels in the SW this winter.