Wednesday, May 20, 2020

June Is Coming

We are doing as well as we can. I have had six chemo treatments. The last one was seven weeks ago and I have just about recovered from it. Meaning my red counts are high enough to feel like doing more than being in my Lazy Boy. My monocytes are high again and that is what I am being treated for. The doc and I agreed to suspend chemo and just watch and see what happens since the drug is messing with me. He does have another drug to try if my platelets and red counts go down and monocytes go higher. There is no cure, just treatment.

The stores being closed has not affected us much as we don’t shop much. It's much easier to order online. Dorothy continues to resist my offer to cut her hair. She cuts mine. We wanted to try a new restaurant, but that can wait. I am finding recipes and doing more cooking. I have made a few things that I like better than any restaurant version I have ever had. Such as a killer Chile Colorado and damn tasty Basil Chicken - my first foray with a wok.

I do miss playing bridge. A lot.

We have not done much on KoKo since we got home. I just have not felt like it. Now it’s getting hot so that will be an excuse. We have spent a lot of time in the yard. After years of ignoring it, it needed work.

We might be able to get to CO and/or UT this year. It depends on how my bone marrow does its job. Sure would like to. There is not a rock in a thousand miles of here and the Jeep is eager to go.

I have been thinking about a garden. We have never had one, other than a few tomatoes.
The soil here would have to be replaced. Clay is not much for growing veggies.
I looked into a compact tractor. Maybe.

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