Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday, April 2, 2007
Brake repair was completed and we were on the road at noon. We drove all the way to Big Bend, seven and half hours. We were surprised that we were not real tired. Adrenalin we suppose. The Lindstrom’s and Wood’s were waiting for us.

Tuesday April 3, 2007
We did a short drive to get acclimated to BB. In the afternoon, the breeze quit and it was HOT! 97 I heard.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007
We drove 60 miles to the west end of the park with two other couples and put the yaks in and paddled up Santa Elena Canyon, which has 1200 foot sheer walls on both sides. The current was slack for almost two miles, then it increased to over three knots. That’s too strong to make it any fun, so we all relaxed in the shade on a gravel bank on the Mexican side. It took less than an hour to get back. The first half-mile went real quick going with the current and the wind at our backs.

Thursday, 5, 2007
We all went on Wood led hike on Blue Creek Trail, aka Red Rock trail. We are starting to appreciate the diversity of plant life in BB. Cactus glore. The ranger said this is the best year for flowering plants in a decade, maybe two.

Friday, April 6, 2007
The Lindstrom’s took our van and yaks and paddled the Santa Elena Canyon. We took their Honda up to Dagger Flats road and saw the acres of Yucca’s in bloom. Impressive.
The evening ranger talk was most informative and well done. The wind increased all day. By cocktails it was gusting to 20. The wind blew all night and we had some rain.

Saturday, April 7, 2007
The wind continues at 20-30 with higher gusts. It’s cold. The low in the morning will be low 40’s. It is supposed to warm up after that. It snowed 60 miles north of here last night and the panhandle had it worse. The CG was almost full last night. This afternoon it’s almost empty. They had to go north either to home or to colder climes.

Sunday, April 08, 2007
Our last day in Big Bend. While we already extended one day, we got here two days late. We could extend another two days, but frankly, we have no hope of “seeing it all” as it is far too much territory. We never got up to the Chisos basin and there are hundreds of trails that can be hiked. We must get back here.

We slept in until 8 this morning and lazed around until 10 waiting for the chill to lift. Dan took us in his car to the Hot Springs and we took a short hike there. The cactus along this trail were the best we have seen. Each day is different.

We went to the CG, had lunch and drove to Boqillias Canyon. Not much to see there, but the river was flowing nicely. I would have liked to put the yaks in, but the exit from the canyon is many miles distant.

After 36 hours of high winds, it settled down about 8 last night and by noon today, the sky is blue all around.

In the morning, we will drive to Van Horn, overnight and head to New Mexico. We will be off the grid there.


  1. Nice trip report? Got any pics. You might want to check out and for all things Big Bend! ShaneA

  2. Are you sure you guys aren't buying postcards and using those on your blog? Seriously, great pictures! Sounds like you two are having a great trip. Be sure to remember us working stiffs.