Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007
We have not been keeping our log up every day like we did last year. Probably because we have spent our free time having cocktails. Here is a quick synopsis of the week.

Monday we drove the four hours from Big Bend to Van Horn. We bought groceries and over-nighted at a KOA. Tuesday we drove another four hours to Columbus, NM, which is a little village on the border that Pancho Villa raided in 1916. We soaked up the local history and had cocktails. Wednesday, we drove 30 miles north to Rockhound SP, where we were supposed to be able to find all sorts of great mineral rocks. This might still be true if you are a goat and can scale the high peaks without benefit of a trail. We found nothing of interest in the lower area, but the view from Spring Canyon was worth the trip.
Thursday, the others left for Oliver Lea SP. We had paid for today here and frankly we needed a down day and a chance to plan where we are going next week. We spent the morning at the delightful village library, came back, had lunch, a nap and will probably return to the library later in the day. The forecast wind of 55mph did not arrive and is no longer forecast. Tomorrow we move 3 hours NE, near Alamogordo.

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