Friday, March 21, 2008

Los Barriles to San Diego

Wednesday, March 12
Los Barriles to Laz Paz A short driving day. We are all wondering why we are spending two days in a city when we could be on a beach. Dorothy will try for a haircut, we will buy a few groceries and rest until we leave. Quite warm here, we turned on the ac for the first time. Also the first time we have had 30amp service. It was 92 at 6pm

Thursday, March 13
We spent the day doing laundry, shopping for groceries and chatting. We had a pool party and potluck dinner. We did not realize it but we needed a lay day.

Friday, March 14
La Paz to Cuidad Constitucion – A one night stop in an almost American style CG. Pull-thru’s, pool, and allegedly wi-fi. It also has roosters that crow!

How does Dorothy do it? At home or on the road, she fills a trash can every day. We don’t eat trash can full of food in a week, so how can there be so much trash?

What I have learned in Mexico. The people are one heck of a lot more friendly than American’s. They support and respect their families, communities, schools and their country. They are especially proud of and protective of their children. The children are very well mannered. There are no kids throwing tantrums here.

The roads are narrow in Baja, not so on the mainland I am told. You deal with a lot of dust, which comes from being in a desert and not having everything paved.

Saturday, March 15
Cuidad Constitucion to El Requeson Back on the beach - this time a sand spit between the coast and an island. The Sea of Cortez is stunning. The waters turn azure blue when the sun is high.

We drove on our own today, taking it easy. We left two hours before the group and arrived an hour before they did. This leg may be the most scenic of Mexico 1. Much of it is through a wide valley.

Sunday, March 16
After lazing around awhile, we put the yaks in and paddled around. When we got back ashore, five LD’s from a south bound caravan stopped by to see us. Then Norm and Jerri joined us for a few hours of catching up. We made loose plans to hook up with them at a rodeo in Idaho later in the year.

Tonight we are co-hosting a hot dog dinner, turkey dogs as that is all they sell in Mexico. We have not seen a turkey, so they may or may not contain turkey. The south central group is hosting margarita’s, on our last night on the beach.

It’s hard to believe we will be in San Diego in four days.

Monday, March 17
El Requeson to Guerrero Negro We left with the group. At the Pemex only one pump was open and it turned into a cluster f**k. We motored on solo to the next Pemex about two hours up the road. We drove slow and easy all day and got to the CG only 10 minutes ahead of the crowd. It was not a good day in the caravan judging that two rigs lost their steps on rocks.

There were lots of tents that mushroomed in El Requeson overnight and we saw muchas! southbound natives headed to the beaches for Easter. Easter is a big deal holiday here, a two week vacation. The southbound four wheels were traveling way over the speed limit and this section of Mex 1 seems more narrow than some other sections.

Tuesday, March 18
Guerrero Negro to Catavina Only a four drive and we did it solo. We like this CG more than most we have been in. Perhaps it’s only because it is a change of scenery? It’s in the low mountains and the landscape is covered with large boulders. At 2,100, it is higher enough to condense the Pacific moisture, so things are green. The RV’s are circled around the large trees and appetizers, drinks and dinner are in the middle of the circle.

Wednesday, March 19
Catavina to Ensenada The caravan was broken into two groups for the long ride today to save time at gas stops. The CG was nice to look at, tended flowers, on the water, nice building exteriors, etc. But the electric voltage was as usual, high. Good thing we have not needed electricity.

Thursday, March 20
Ensenada to Chula Vista We waited until 11:30 to leave as the wagon master experience was that mid-afternoon was the best time to cross. Perhaps it is, still we waited an hour and 20 minutes to cross the border. Four hours to drive 58 miles.

I put the step out for customs to step aboard. When he stepped out, I stayed inside and leaving the step extended, so Dorothy could rip it off as we exited the border.

For the first time since Cabo we have water pressure and just the right voltage. We both enjoyed taking soft water showers lathering up several times. The simple pleasures. The trip was good and it is equally good to be back in the US.

Friday, March 21
On our daughters birthday, we drove the Silver Strand and took the Coronado bridge across the bay to San Diego. This is one swell bridge - very high. In the last few years I have developed a phobia about high bridges and over-passes. The speed limit on the bridge is 55. No one observes it. Neither did I. I drove 40 white knuckling the steering wheel and not looking over the side of the bridge.

Tomorrow, we will do laundry and perhaps drive to Mission Bay for a lookie-lookie. Sunday, we move to near Los Angles so we can have the LD to the factory bright and early Monday morning. We will spend the week in motels and “do” some museums in LA. We expect to be there the whole week. I will update the blog when we get back on the adventure trail.

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