Friday, April 4, 2008

Adventures in SoCal

Still in San Diego

Saturday, March 22
We do laundry and a few other chores that have to be done. After lunch, we drove to Balboa Park.

Sunday, March 23
We had a leisurely morning because the drive is only 2½ hours to get to the KOA in Pomona. Jock and Susan came buy to chat for a while. We really enjoyed getting to meet them and hopefully we will run into them again sometime. The KOA is pretty nice, there’s grass and trees and we haven’t seen that in a long time. We took a nap, and as we were leaving to go buy milk, we meet Gary & Lenore just across the way that have a gray LD and are heading to Mothership Monday morning also. We came back for happy hour with them and really enjoyed chatting with them, but had to cut it short because we had to pack stuff to take to hotel and also clean out the refrigerator and put it in thermal cooler. There’s nothing better than checking into a motel and the clothes are in WalMart bags and you bring in a large cooler, small cooler and assorted foods. We probably looked like refuges or rednecks LOL!!

Monday, March 24
We arrived at Lazy Daze at 7:30 and Vince was waiting for us. There were going to start work immediately. We killed some time there looking at the new models and then drove up to Mt. Baldy for the scenery and it was a beautiful drive. Finally checked into the motel and they didn’t even have to see how we pack because we are on the ground floor. They have a pool, but it is too cool to use it. We had a big Mexican lunch, so we picked up salad stuff at WalMart and had salad in our room.

Tuesday, March 25
Don is still not feeling well so we will hang around here. Around 11:30 we went to a bookstore and each bought 2 books. From there we went to Royal Thai Restaurant. This is probably the best Thai we have ever had and of course, we ordered too much food. I made small sandwiches in the room for dinner.

Wednesday, March 26
We drove into LA to Palos Verdes and then to the Getty. Traffic west was not good. It took us 2.5 hours to get back to Chino.

Thursday, March 27
Did taxes and napped.

Friday, March 28
Picked up KoKo at 11:30 and headed to Joshua Tree NP. As suspected, the campgrounds were already full, so we found a BLM site and watched the “dirt people” from a distance.

Saturday, March 29
We checked out park CG’s for a move Sunday, napped and guessed what our Alabama income taxes will be and wrote a check.

Dorothy has been puttering in the kitchen all afternoon making German Potato Salad.

Sunday, March 30
We drove 20 miles to the Jumbo Rocks CG in Joshua Tree NP. We located a decent campsite, parked the LD and drove the toad on another loop of the CG to see if there was a better site. When we got back, we saw another LD parked in front of us. It was Ted and Liz (NE12) whom we had met in Florida on the first leg of our trip. At the time, they had not planned to go west. We had lunch and a nap and hiked the Desert Queen Mine Trail. When we got back Tom and Yaiko of the NW group whom we had spent a month with in Baja were parked behind us.

Monday, March 31
We hiked in the morning with Tom and Liz and the six of us spent the afternoon solving all the world problems. So enjoyable.

Tuesday, April 1
We drove east about 3 hours to the Colorado River. We are in an Arizona SP, River Island. Which is fine, but pricey. We will look for better scenery and a lower price after filling up the water tank.

Wednesday, April 2
In the morning, we paddled the Bill Williams River. We did 4 miles RT on flat water. No wind the first hour, then a light wind came up.

After lunch and a nap, we toured the California side of the Parker Dam Strip. Yes, there are several BLM CG’s there. Only one is BLM managed and it was full. The rest are corporate managed and the daily prices are $30 to $40. BLM has been working on redoing one since Spring, 2006. The work stopped. We are going to try the county CG on the Arizona side, it looks good and may reduce our daily rate.

If we stay, that will be five days here. Then we will need to head to the other side of the side of the state to meet the Wood’s and maybe the Lindstroms.

Thursday, April 3
We stayed. We are at La Paz County Park, north of Parker, AZ. On the water, with a ramada, water only for $16 a day. Plus we have one bar each of Verizon and AT&T. Life is good!

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