Saturday, June 25, 2011

Still Grounded at Home

It’s been in the mid-90’s here for over a month. Unusual for June. This is August weather in the South. They say it’s La Nina. I don’t know. We have had a light breeze almost every day for the last three months. Highly unusual. There have been over a dozen short wind storms in the 30 to 60 mph range. Again, not something we recall in our lifetimes.

We have stopped on improvements to the house. Just a little attention to keeping it looking half-way neat in case someone wants to take a look. It’s been six weeks since we had a looker and I would not be surprised if we have had the last one.

We are leaving after Labor Day for Arkansas/Missouri. They are several rivers in that area that we would like to paddle. It puts us in position for the LDRA the top of October in Mountain View.

Hog Wild

First cut on the t-shirts for the LDRA


Memories. Lost the Jerry Jeff Walker stubs from the same decade. He was the headliner. Jimmy Buffet opened for him! If you know that Jerry Jeff got Buffet a job in Key West, that makes sense.

Dorothy says she will have the house un-decorated by 12/24 and we drive to our daughter’s for Christmas Eve and Day. Then we will head to south Texas, Alamo probably, for a month or two. Then drift west. Plan to return home by Halloween. She is conflicted by her HS Reunion in April. I am not so conflicted.

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  1. Love the pig! And we vote against the class reunion. Sorry, Dorothy.