Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working For The Relator

I feel we have been working for the relator by keeping the house so clean and tidy for months. It may be sold? Dorothy dropped the price another $5,000 to counter the only offer we have had. They bit. Now we are homeless and of course, the buyers want the house ASAP. We have the Regional Adventure the top of October and had planned to go up 2-3 weeks early. I guess we will have to box it all up for storage before we leave or after we get back from Arkansas and move into KoKo until we find a place to live.

Our top four places to park KoKo:

The Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, CA. Not in the CG, but in our secret private spot off Movie Road.

Lone Rock on Lake Powell. It almost in Arizona, but just inside of Utah.

Muley Point in southern Utah overlooking Monument Valley.

Near Silverton, CO at Mineral Springs CG.

1 comment:

  1. Alabama Hills is probably cooler. But perhaps somewhere with water since it is August and hot.