Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Week in Mission

Sunday, February 26 - It was a beautiful day. We made a final trip to the flea market.  Can’t believe we really enjoy it. There’s lots of good stuff and we have bought some of it and also lots of junk that we didn’t buy. I am looking for a top to a Corning Ware dish - you can find lots of bottoms, but no tops.

Monday, February 27 - Light rain last night and misting off and on this morning. I am so glad that we came to Texas to end the drought - according to people we know. We said goodbye this morning to Bill & Ruby. It was a nice visit. I took care of a little laundry, to get ready to leave Sunday. This afternoon Jim & Gayle came over for Happy Hour - it was great to sit outside.

Tuesday, February 28 - We went to Progresso for my crown today. We got there around 11:00 so we had time to go to Auturo’s for lunch. We had tenderloin tacos with lettuce, tomato and avocado and it was delicious. The wait staff is unbelievable. It’s older men only. The bus boys aren’t really boys either, more like in their 30’s & 40’s. By the time we had ordered, we had had four different people helping us. And in addition to all this and great food, the prices aren’t bad either.

The dental procedure - it took a long time. He had said 1 1/2 hours but it took more like 2 1/2 hours. He is very meticulous and does 97% of everything, with the assistants just standing by to hand him the drills and clean up after him. He made three different sets of impressions - said it had to be just right. I can’t believe I have used a dentist in Mexico - never thought I would do that, but I am very impressed. Most of his patients are Americans or Canadians. I did have some trouble with the deadening drug, septocaine. I had been having a problem with this previously, and I just didn’t feel perky for the rest of the day.

While Don waited for me, he went to the barber shop and he got a hair cut. It’s very short, but he likes it, so guess it’s okay. He also got a shave. Just think, haircut and shave for $4.

Wednesday, February 29 - This morning was perfect - blue skies, pleasant temperatures and enough wind to keep the bugs away. We are now in the preparing to leave stage. We are quite ready for a new adventure. The original plan was to leave on Thursday, but it’s pretty good that we won’t be on the road with everyone leaving the valley heading for the Hill Country. Canadians can only stay out of their country for six months a year or their health insurance is no good. So in order to get here in October for the winter, they leave the first of March.

I have defrosted the freezer. That’s not something I have missed doing since all refrigerators now are frost-free.

Such a good day that we were swimming at 10:00. Wish we could have a swimming pool and hot tub every where we go. Then we went to our last margarita party followed by more swimming and hot tub.

Thursday, March 1 - Nothing exciting today. Started doing the laundry and we went to the grocery store and of course, swimming.

2 - RGV015

Friday, March 2 - Big day. We went back to Mexico to finished my crown. Our first stop was was some shopping and then back to Auturo’s for another great lunch. Then to Dr. De La Rosa’s. The crown needed some adjustment, which was going to take an additional 45 minutes. Since we had finished shopping and eating, the only left to do to have a couple of margaritas at Auturo’s. After that I didn’t even need any numbing. I think that I got excellent care and all for only $210.

What I notice about border towns is that everyone is working. If there are rules to restrict commerce, they are not evident to me. You see elementary school kids hawking bracelets in their school uniforms. On street parking is handled by men having purchased kaki pants and shirts they take over a parking spot in the early morning. They blow whistles to direct a car into “their” space. If your car needs washing someone will appear with a bucket of water and brushes. Young men line the walks hawking dental services and pharmacies. Our dentist had a fellow that was constantly in and out of the office doing all sorts of chores. I would see him in other offices also. Everyone works.

Saturday, March 3 - Our last day at Bentsen Palms.  This is probably the nicest RV park in the Valley.  If you want to stay in a RV park, we can certainly recommend this one.  I have finished the laundry, the kayaks are on the Jeep and things are getting put away.  We aren’t in a rush to leave tomorrow since we won’t go very far.  We are definitely ready for a new adventure.

We have tried south Texas twice. We don’t see a third time. RV parks are just not for us. Besides while the weather can be great, it can be not so great. We have little in common with others as most of them are concrete campers. We think we will just stay home next year until March or April. Lesson learned.

Sunday, March 4 – We got away by 11 and stopped for the night in Pleasanton just south of San Antonio.

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  1. Auturo’s is one of our favorite places also!
    Glad you like Dr. de la Rosa and all worked out. He does tend to underestimate the time needed for the work. He likes to talk.
    Safe travels. Enjoy your week.