Sunday, February 26, 2012

Third Week In Mission

Monday, February 20 - It was a beautiful day.  We went to the Cinderella Animal Rescue and walked some dogs and played with some cats.  There were two dogs, one young lab and one lab puppy.  They were so sweet and they really did want someone to love them.  If I wanted to have a dog I would have taken both of them.  And some of the cats were friendly and playful.  One reminded me of Calvin, Alecia’s perfect cat, that both of us loved.  He sat in my lap and just looked me in the eye and let me pet him.  We really enjoyed being with the animals.  Then in the afternoon, we went swimming and soaked in the hot tub.  With warmer weather, there is more activity in the pool.


This and all pictures in this post were stolen from Life’s Little Adventures. Here, seven cats are paying close attention to a never before seen dog chain. Cats.

Tuesday, February 21 - Another beautiful day in Mission.  We went to grocery store (again), it’s just like being at home.  We went to the spa.  As the weather warms up more and more people show up.  There’s hardly room to swim.  Of course, they are all Canadians, mostly from Ontario.  I thought people from Ontario went to Florida, and a lot do since it’s closer, but those here said they think it’s prettier and certainly a lot cheaper.  Since it was Fat Tuesday, a group of campers got their trikes and themselves, decorated for Mardi Gras and rode around the park, throwing candy.  And then later in the day Bill & Ruby joined us.

Wednesday, February 22 - Ever since we have had the Jeep, it has had a quirk.  Sometimes, for no rhyme or reason, it just locks.  It is not very frequent and it is not the same way each time.  This morning we went to Los Ebanos to look at the last hand-pulled ferry.  It goes across the Rio Grande and the pictures we saw were quite picturesque.  So Bill & Ruby got in our Jeep and we headed off.  Bill got out first and then Don opened his door with the keeps in the ignition.  The Jeep was beeping and I told him to stop the beeping.  So he took the keys out of the ignition, put them on the dash and got out since we weren’t going anywhere. He wanted to park someplace else.  Then Ruby got out.  Of course, I got out, but I didn’t close the door completely.  The Jeep decided to lock itself.  Normally I have my keys on my belt look, but not this time.  We couldn’t call for help because all the phones were locked in the car.  The immigration people called the police for us, but they wouldn’t come out because of liability issues.  Bill got a ride back to the RV park to get his Jeep so he could try to find a locksmith.  The immigrations folk felt sorry for us sitting around looking forlorn and they found someone to find someone to find a locksmith.  Locksmith arrived in about 15 minutes and for only $25 the car was unlocked.  Of course, we couldn’t leave because we had to wait for Bill to return.

And by the way, the ferry crossing is no longer picturesque because they are building a very large immigration building so every thing is torn up.

2 - RGV 014

By this time we are really hungry and luckily we found a very good Mexican restaurant.  Ruby and I had gourmet - Napolitos (prickly pear cactus) & shrimp.  Yum. See how much fun we have in Retirement Land.

Thursday, February 23 - We went to Mexico today for dental appointments.  We both had our teeth cleaned and x-rays for only $45 each.  We will stay in Mission a few extra days because I have to have a crown replaced.  We then went to Arturo’s for lunch.    Don has been craving goat that they serve there and it is very good.  Food is excellent.  It’s a white linen tablecloth place and the waiters are dressed in nice jackets and bow ties.  Then continuing our Mexican adventure we did some shopping and finished up the  trip with margaritas.  Very very good and costs less than $2 each.


You pay two-bits and enter Mexico.   Our dentist.

Our day culminated with a two hour game of Mexican Dominos in the Rec Room.  We were too tired for the hot tub.

Friday, February 24 - Nothing today, just laundry and relaxing from our hard week of play.

Saturday, February 25 - Maybe I am getting a little tried of this place.  This morning we awoke to light rain and now it’s overcast skies.  All I notice is gray skies and big white box RV’s.  I haven’t really paid any attention to it before, so guess it’s just my attitude.  We can stay in an area for a month or more, but it’s usually with wonderful scenery without big white boxes.

But today wasn’t without fun.  First an exciting game of Mexican Train, followed by happy hour, then dinner and finally another game of Train.  


  1. Hope you liked Dr. de la Rosa. I see him for the last time tomorrow. He is really a nice guy. ~wheresweaver

  2. Enjoyed meeting you all. We arrived home in Arkansas today, glad to be in the mountains, but sad and depressed as we miss the warm weather, pool and hot tub. By the way, Highland Park is the single malt Scotch that I really like; couldn't think of it when we talked at Bentsen Palm Village. Safe travels.