Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sunday, March 25 – Work Day – Finished cleaning KoKo and Pelli inside and out.
We are headed to the Grand Canyon tomorrow and it’s supposed to be colder. I thought soup would be good, so we had to go back to town one more time. This time we shopped at Basha’s, an Arizona chain. This one was fantastic - spacious and clean with good choices.  Tonight we will spend #903 in Koko.  Wow, that’s a lot and we still love her!
Monday, March 26 -  I think that most people who happened to be near Deming, NM and intended to visit the Grand Canyon would just stay on I10 and turn north on I37. That could be done in one long day. It took us four hops and a week to do it.
The Grand Canyon was low down on our bucket list; but since we had the time, we decided to do it now. I had low expectations. We were at the north rim in 1994 and it was quite a let down scenery wise. I later learned that there were more good views from the south rim. However, views or not, the north rim gets 10% of the visitors of the south and we thought the north had way too many people for our liking.
So it was with some trepidation that we drove the two hours over the unremarkable mesa south of the canyon. Would we be able to snag a reasonably level site long enough for us? Would the trip be worth it. Would it be like a zoo?
Well two out of three is not bad. The views are magnificent. We now agree with the millions of others from all over the world who have stood on the rim and tried to come to grips with the enormous space in front of them.
Yesterday was in the 60’s with clear skies and a low of 32. More of the same is forecast for the next 10 days. We will stay for a week and try to soak in some of the history.
The crowd at Mather Point was about 60% Asian. How about we have American Day once a week? To be in the park you must be a citizen and be over 40. Yeah, I know that is not PC. When has that ever been a problem for me?
Tuesday, March 27 – We took the bus toward Hermit’s Rest getting off to gawk at most of the stops. We spent about an hour just looking at the condors soaring and chatting with another couple.
Soon it was lunch time, the masses were teaming and Dorothy was getting tired so we came back before the end of the line.
After our morning adventure, we moved to another site as we wanted to stay a few more days and our site was reserved. Our new site has better sun for the solar panels and is more flat so I don’t have to worry about turning my ankle as I step out the door.
In the afternoon, we toured the Tovar Hotel, Hopi Gift Shop and the Kolb Studio.
Back at camp, the exhausted Dorothy fix another gourmet meal and we were asleep by 8.
Wednesday, March 28 - We got back on the shuttle today and finished seeing the sights that we missed yesterday.  We were on the road by 8:30. This is our third day and we certainly are not bored.  We plan to go to the Ranger program tonight.  We find them very enjoyable.
Koko is keeping us nice and warm on these cold nights.  We drove around the Trailer Village today, which has hookups.  I wanted to see what I was missing.  Our site without hookups is $9 per night because we have the Geezer Pass (Golden Age Pass).  The hookup sites are $35 per night and I hate to say it, but it just looks like an old trailerhood park.  Don’t think I am missing anything.
Thursday, March 29 - We went on a Ranger led walk this morning (about 1 mile) along the rim.  As I mentioned, Ranger walks/talks are the way to see things and you certainly do learn about the park and it’s history.
We also walked around the cemetery.  Some of the headstones are very impressive.  You cannot  be buried in the Grand Canyon Cemetery unless you live here.
Today wasn’t my best day, so when we returned to Koko, I took a pill.  After lunch and nap we went back to Yaki Point where Don took some pretty good pictures - I even took one!  He brought our chairs and we just sat and overlooked the canyon.  The California Condors were soaring overhead - pretty cool! The big males glide just over your head, while the females remain at a distance.
9 - GC 035
The way to enjoy the canyon
9 - GC 020
Bright Angel
9 - GC 022
Mohave Point
9 - GC 028
Yaki Point
9 - GC 041
The Colorado Is Way Down There
9 - GC 048a
Dorothy is up there on Kaibab Trail
9 - GC 048c
See, there she is at 36x
Friday, March 30 - It was just another glorious day at the Grand Canyon.  Our first stop was the Tusayan Ruins for a ranger talk at the ruins.  We then drove to the Yaki Point.  It was beautiful, so we got our chairs out and just sat on the rim and had lunch.  Of course, Don pointed out that we were only three feet from disaster!  You have several pull-out views from Hwy 64, the East Entrance. You can just pull over and there’s the canyon.  There are no guard rails along this point of the canyon.
Last night we went to another ranger talk but the microphone just didn’t agree with my ears so I missed all of what he said.  Don said it was the best talk ever.  He has told me a lot about what I missed. [The old woman is deaf and batty]

Saturday, March 31 - The day did not start out well for me - foot problems. But we went to the Kaibab Trail.  Our goal was to walk for 30 minutes then turn around. The thing about hiking is that you have to return up the trail. When I stopped, Don continued on for another 20 minutes.
Don sezs: I made back up five minutes faster than I went down and that includes two short rest breaks. The stairs are the hard part.
This is such a special place. I think everyone should visit if they get a chance.
One thing we learned from a ranger that has lived here for 30 years. Our weather this week is very unusual. He said that in 30 years this is only the second time that it has been this warm. Serendipity!
Pork chops, white beans and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight.
We leave in the morning for Monument Valley. It’s my very favorite place. It brings John Wayne to life. We miss him and there are no John Wayne’s out there any more.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Hope you enjoy this week as much as you did last week! ~wheresweaver