Saturday, April 21, 2012

The State Of Erosion - II

Sunday, April 15 – It was supposed to be another overcast day, but the sun came out about 11 and lasted until 2 when a wind storm came up. By 4, the sun was out again. We vegged and cleaned the rig.

Monday, April 16 – We drove Potash Road and found a 4WD road that looks interesting so we might try it later. We went to the store and to buy a new radio for Pelli since the one in it died.

Tuesday, April 17 - We drove to the Island in the Sky area of Canyonlands. Spent most of the day there, but it was overcast, so no pictures.

Wednesday, April 18 - We got a new radio installed in Pelli, so we had a lazy morning. We went into town to the used book store so that I could get rid of some of my books and maybe Don & I could get a couple more. Then we went to a Thai restaurant that had wonderful reviews, it was mediocre at best. That will be the last time we eat in Moab.

Dale Evans, a prospective LD owner, came from Grand Junction to look at Koko. While he and Don talked, I sat outside and chatted with Mary.

Thursday, April 19 - A housekeeping and social day. It started off with us moving into the Gardner’s site. While waiting for them to leave, a RV pulled up and asked if our site was available. We told them it was their’s as soon as we left. Three more were lined up behind them “looking for a home.” So we have met Brian and Cindy good folks from Jasper, Alberta.

David & Mary came over to say goodbye, so we all chatted for a little while. Later we did laundry, took on water, dumped and got propane and of course, we went to the grocery store. Brian & Cindy came over for “happy hour” which lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Nice couple and we enjoyed our time with them.

Campground Stories – We chatted with the camp host this morning. That’s always good to hear about local things and sometimes some good stories about other campers. He related about a German camper who did not want to leave any evidence that the site was occupied, such as chairs – too expensive. Of course, when he returned there was a tent in the site, but the tenter was in town eating. He got livid and demanded the host do something. Since it was dark, he did not want to go pack up the tenter and asked the German to ask the tenter to see him when he returned. A few minutes later, someone told the host that there was a tent in road. The host picked up the tent and put it in his site.

The next day, the host again suggested he leave something in his site to show it was occupied. No way. Again it had new occupants when the German returned. The next day, the host noted the German had put in two metal posts and had locked a chain between them. The host called the BLM.

Friday, April 20 – We have been here for two weeks and not made it to Arches NP which is across the river behind us or only a few miles by road. So being a blue sky day we drove to the end of the paved road and hiked Devil’s Garden. We had done it before, but each time is special. This is one of my favorite parks. The landscape is amazing. It was a good morning and I really enjoyed it.





Saturday, April 21 – It was another glorious blue sky day, so we got away early on Potash Road and took the original road to Dead Horse Point. It looks like this.

11 - Moab 034_thumb[1]

11 - Moab 035_thumb[2]

11 - Moab 038_thumb[2]

At the top, is one of the world’s best places to tent camp. A huge point on rock. No RV’s can enter, but there were tents galore. There is a 180 degree view from Arches in the north to the Abajo Mountains in the south. There was more horizon than our camera can capture, so we looked until it was imprinted.

In the early afternoon, we drove north on U128 to a point we had found last week where you can capture the nexus of the area – river, mountains and rock.

11 - Moab 046_thumb[1]

That’s the famous Fisher Towers on the left, the La Sal’s in the background and the Colorado in the foreground.


  1. Didn't realize you hadn't been to Moab since '06. We really liked our site at Goose Island, except for the wind we had almost every afternoon. We saw a couple tents blowing down the road but none went in the river.
    10 loads of wash at one time. That is quite a record!

  2. Really great photos, makes me wish I was there.