Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bear Lake

It’s not Crater or Tahoe, but Bear Lake is one of the scenic lakes in the country. 8 miles wide, 20 miles long and over 200 feet deep. The intense turquoise-blue water is due to the reflection of limestone suspended in the water.

When we arrived I said, Finally we will get to paddle the yaks. The camp host said the breeze would pick up in the afternoon and it did. Fine, we would go out in the morning. That was Monday and it’s been blowing like stink since then. And so it goes. The upside is that it’s like being on the Gulf or in Baja. The waves roll in and crash on the beach. The seagulls, pelicans, grebes and other web footed critters paddle back and forth. Very peaceful.

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Our primitive campsite

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The Week In Review

Monday, May 21 -  Today we moved to Bear Lake State Park near Garden City, UT.  The park is located in several areas.  On the west side is the full hookup area and each site has a ramada.  But they do not have views of the lake.  The east side of the lake is much more scenic, but no hookups which is fine with us.  We are at South Eden but all of their sites are reservable and they are all reserved for the Memorial Day holiday.  We will stay here for three nights.  They also have the only water on this side of the lake.  We drove along the road and into Idaho just because it was a mile north. That makes three extra states we have been in this month for a few minutes.

It’s easy to relax here overlooking the beautiful lake in the pleasant weather.  Ideal for sitting outside, propping your feet up and reading.
Thursday, May 24 - We moved into the non-reservable campground today - Rainbow Cove recommended by the campground host.  Our site is very large, probably four buses would fit.  After finding our campsite, we drove to Logan, about 50 miles away over the front range.  We needed to go to Wal-Mart, pickup a light switch for the refrigerator  and do some laundry.  We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and got a lot of information.  Every year the University and the city host Summer Citizens for six weeks.  You can take courses at the school that are very inexpensive.  People come back year after year, especially those that live in very warm climates.  We have wondered what we would do next year and this may be it.  Also, Logan is a pretty town with lots of stuff to do.

Friday, May 25 - I had a stomach ache Wednesday afternoon and all day yesterday.  Today, Don has a stomach problem.  So we are staying inside which is fine since it’s cloudy, windy and cool.

Saturday, May 26 - The weather forecast for today was 70% of rain, cold and windy.  However, it was very nice this morning and we had our coffee outside under blue skies.  We puttered around the RV, had nice lunch and a nap.  The sun woke me up coming in the window.  And then it changed, but not before the batteries were  charged.  Finally the rain came, so now it’s cloudy and much cooler.

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