Sunday, May 20, 2012

In The State of Erosion - VI

Sunday, May 13 - We did not do much today, except recover from two days of sightseeing and resting up for more sightseeing next week.

Monday, May 14 - Once more we got up and hit the road. First thing was to go to the Apple store to get my computer fixed. Didn’t take long and it wasn’t anything serious, just operator error. Since it was too early for lunch, we went to Temple Square and toured the upstairs area of the museum and then we went to the LDS Family Research Center. They have lots of records on ancestry and people can also research their families on line, including my brother and our family. Then it was lunchtime and we went back to Red Iguana and had another fantastic lunch.

One of the things we like to do is visit State Capitols. It was probably the best one we have visited - sorry Louisiana. The interior has no furniture, except for a few display cases. No seating, no flags, portraits. Quite bare. That makes the variety of stone used in construction really stand out.

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Tuesday, May 15 - Not too much today. We went into Ogden to Forest Service Office but it was closed (they took at really long lunch) and we didn’t wait around to see if or when they would return. The Forest Service Office is located in the old Union Pacific Railroad Station. We looked at several old trains that they have. They even have a caboose - I miss the caboose! The station is very nicely restored. There are two museums there so we will do that at at later date.

Wednesday, May 16 - Today was museum day. First we went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum. They have a room dedicated to World War II and prior planes and another for more modern planes. We spent two hours touring in there. When we came out, there was a blue LD parked in the lot. After we finished our picnic lunch, they came back to their rig. A very nice couple from Montana with a 26 1/2 Island Bed. We had a nice chat.

Our first stop back at the Union Pacific Station was the Forest Service Office. We had a very nice and helpful chat with the Ranger. Then it was on to the Browning Gun Museum. There are lots and lots of guns. The ones that interested me most were the miniature guns - very small and they actually work. Downstairs we went to the Automobile Museum. A very nice collection that had belonged to the Browning’s. Most are 1920’s and 1930’s, restored and they run. Browning was a prolific designer, turning out over 150 designs or one every few weeks.

Thursday, May 17 - Another lazy day. We don’t feel badly because we do nothing. This is our home for many months of the year. When we are at home, there are many days when we do nothing, so we don’t see the difference.

Friday, May 18 - Morning rain - guess that’s why there is green grass and trees. Afternoons activities were laundry, groceries, and gas. Don’t we have fun!

Saturday, May 19 - We took a scenic drive today, but it was a little hazy. The views of the basin would have been fantastic on a clear day. At least, we got an idea of what the basin looks like from above.

We have enjoyed many casual conversations with those in the LDS faith over the years. They are always gracious and outgoing. Their children are always well mannered. No temper fits, no whining about wanting a toy or candy in a store, no I’m bored, can we go now.

This trip we got the opportunity to have more serious conversations with several couples. We remain impressed. It is obvious to us that their lives are  guided by their faith. They are very family oriented.

We think that the first thing that most people think of when they hear ‘Mormon’, or the more correct term LDS, is plural marriage, even this was formally repudiated over 100 years ago. It’s about time to quit persecuting them for that.

I have heard some say that they don’t think that Mormon’s believe in Jesus Christ. The name of the faith is The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. They have three books of scripture, the Old and New Testaments and the Book of Mormon. Jesus is depicted in art and word. While I am of the unwashed, I can not but think that they believe in Jesus.

You don’t just join their church by indicating some interest and sit in a back pew a few times a year. You first prove you understand the faith and you make a life commitment to serve the church.

In a bookstore, I saw a book titled something like 12 Documents for Mormon’s. It had the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, etc. Do you know of any other faiths that consider the core principal’s of the US to be so important?

Utah is the Beehive State. This week I found out that it refers to the industriousness of bee’s. And everywhere you look here you see industriousness. The infrastructure here is top notch.

Here’s what is all comes down to for me. Utah, founded by LDS, has what is left of the best of American principals and ideas. It’s a place where John Wayne would be comfortable.

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