Friday, December 5, 2014

Running Necked

Now that Millenicom is history we are going to leave home without a “guaranteed” on-ramp to the web. Since we were home during the transition to Verizon, we had the plan on vacation. Why pay $90 for limited slow service, we had 10x times faster unlimited cable service for $25?

So we lost the lower conversion rate and would now have to pay the full rate and probably under a contract. Since the next trip is only going to be about 4 months, a contact does not make any sense at all. Plus Verizon only allows a vacation of three months, so we would be paying for a service we would not use most of the rest of the year.

On our last trip, we said we would not surf so much. We failed. Most every morning we spent 90 minutes goofing off. This time, without the temptation, we can get up, get dressed, enjoy a cup of Joe outside and get to our morning activity much earlier. Just like the first two years we traveled. Those trips are filled with some great memories.

Free Internet access is available so many places now. I think we will be able to get by just fine. But, just in case, I will have the modem and router with us.

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  1. For years I relied on WIFI while traveling and all was good. But on our last trip I was spending time in Starbucks or going without. Then in a Colorado RV park, with Wfi, it was so bad that I usually couldn't log on. So I finally bit the bullet and up'd my AT&T from basic phone to allow connection to the internet. They allow me to change the amount of gig's month to month, so I can reduce the gigs to a minimum when not traveling. I use the compute a lot while on the road for research on where to stay and what to see. It's hard to imagine going back to only a paper map and a AAA guide book.