Saturday, September 27, 2014

Enough Wilderness Areas

We have enough Wilderness Area’s. In case you don’t know these are federal lands off-limit except to hikers. Have a physical disability, tough, no access for you. Only those with best genes/ prime of fitness are allowed in. Sounds discriminatory to me. Probably not to those want a private experience on public lands.

They are very popular with the greenies. Many are established by You Sue, We Settle technique. All you need are folks who want to control access to federal lands in the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Parks Service, etc. A suit is filed to restrict lands and they agree and settle.

Since mechanized vehicles are not allowed into WA’s, there is no need for roads. Fires in WA’s can not be fought with mechanized means. Most WA’s borders are National Forest and Parks, so fires easily spread from one to another.

How much land is already designated as Wilderness Area’s? This 2004 map is the latest one I could locate and so it’s out date. The higher saturated colors are WA’s. See legend.

Here is a list by state.

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