Friday, March 6, 2009

Winter in Florida - Crossing the Pandhandle

We rolled into a cold and windy Panama City Sunday afternoon. We chatted with our LD chums, Ted & Liz, inside the RV. It was much too cold to be outside.

Warmer, but still chilly, on Monday, we did marketing and errands. We should have paddled the boats as the wind was calm.

Tuesday the wind was back up, so we had a good lunch with Ted & Liz at Sweet Basil.

Wednesday morning, we did a few more errands, Dorothy cooked a marvelous new curry lunch and we paddled the yaks on the lee shore. With the water cool, there was little bacteria making the water very clear. We wanted to cross the channel to Shell Island, but the wind and waves would have made it work.

At the jetty in St. Andrews Bay





Thursday we said goodbye to Ted & Liz and headed to Perdido Beach, FL. This was our “Sentimental Journey”. Every summer from 1979 – 2004, we would make the trek to the Grand Lagoon Yacht Club for the Windmill Southerns. We camped at Big Lagoon State Park this time and drove to the yacht club looking at all the changes that had taken place since the hurricane in 2005. It seems like every time something is blown down, then a large condo takes its place. We had dinner at Interarity Point Original Oyster House where we ate many Sunday evening meals with our Windmill friends.

Friday we took the beach road to Gulf Shores, pointing out all the places we had stayed, places where we ate, and places where we had fun. The wonderful memories washed over us – Alecia at the beach, either enjoying being with other Windmill kids or babysitting, all the adults swimming in the pool on Sunday afternoon after two days of racing. This was wonderful for us to revisit our past.

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