Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winter in Louisiana

If our Blog is boring to you, keep in mind that we do it mostly for ourselves and we are easily entertained.

It is dark. [I think that is like “I am born”] Anyway, at 7:10 this morning, it was more dark than light. Freaking government. No detail is too small to mess with. When we started this trip, it was dark at 7:30 in the Eastern time zone. It was a month until sun time matched local time. Now we get to go through it again.

Sunday, March 8. We are the Fontainebleau SP on the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain. It is a nice enough CG. Beautiful Live Oaks. It has W&E, wi-fi and sewer at some sites. $8 a night on the geezer card.

This is food land. Restaurants abound. Most are local owned. Everyone is a chef. We had BBQ for lunch. This consisted of too much BBQ, too much delicious fried okra, a cup of light brown gumbo and Texas toast. Nine dollars. Such a culinary contrast with Florida where restaurants are scarce.

We drove along Lakeshore Dr. in Mandeville and gawked at the splendid homes. We also passed by the Mandeville Yacht Club where I raced J22’s with my friends many years ago in the Adams Cup Semi-finals Women’s Regatta.

Wednesday, March 11. We are still at Fontainebleau SP. And glad to be here. We are not doing anything exciting. We are not exercising either. We are just being lazy, doing a few chores and listening to Radio Margaritaville.

The CG is going to be full this weekend and so will all the others in the area. We are in our second site already. After talking with Ranger Thomas, he will open another site for us this weekend. It has been off the reservation system due to construction. Construction was completed six weeks back, but somehow the site was not put back in the mix. Lucky for us.

A Lazy Daze from Wisconsin arrived. Maureen and Bruce. We have enjoyed cocktails with them.

The rain that was forecast to start Wednesday, started this afternoon and may continue for 48 hours or so. The CG is nearly full, mostly with LA tags. Great idea, let’s go to the CG and watch TV in the rain. The fellow behind us is typical. He bought every light and doo-dad that CW sells and he spent an afternoon and morning putting them all out. He is camping – inside of course.

I have now achieved Advanced Laziness - woke up at 8:45 this morning!

Sunday we will drive north to see my cousins. And after that? Maybe into the bayou country?

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