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TO WANDER AROUND WITHOUT PURPOSE (I love the term.  We actually do have a purpose - go where it’s warm in the winter and go where it’s cool in the summer)

Thursday – January 12 - We decided Wednesday that we had no reason to put our trip off another day so we decided to leave Thursday instead of Friday the 13th. We had a goodbye dinner with Alecia (she makes a fantastic lasagna), Lee and grandchildren Wednesday night. Alecia and I were going to a cooking class but they changed the menu and we weren’t interested so we did a little shopping, had lunch and were back home and on the road by 1:15. We haven’t driven after dark since before we retired, but decided it was only a 4 hour trip, it was very cold and we needed hookups. So we made the supreme effort. And we are very glad we did. We got the last campsite at Davis Bayou Campground at the Gulf Islands National Shore in Ocean Springs, MS. Monday is a holiday so we knew the CG would be crowded.  Great price, W&E, for $8.

Friday – January 13 - We had a wonderful day. We did a little exploring, stopped at Rouse’s Supermarket. It is a Louisiana grocery store and we really like it. But the wonderful part started at 3:00 when we went to Dave & Judy home. Judy was my college roommate at Alabama. Our friends, Ken and Nancy, from Mobile came over for dinner. Nancy was a bridesmaid in our wedding. That tells you how long we have known each other. Judy and Dave cook and I do mean cook. If you leave their home hungry, then it is your fault. We had appetizers, and lots of them. Dave grilled some delicious steaks and chicken. We had salad, baked potatoes and Nancy brought some wonderful marinated vegetables. And if that wasn’t enough, we had dessert. It was chocolate cups, filled with your choice of unique ice creams and a hot chocolate topping.

But we did more than eat and drink. We haven’t seen them in about three years so we had a lot of catching up to do. A wonderful way to start our trip.

Saturday – January 14 - We had one of our laziest days ever.  We got our coffee and snuggled back into our beds.  Finally had breakfast at 9:00, very late for us, then more coffee.  We did not get up and moving until 11:00.  After lunch and nap we went back to Judy and Dave’s home.  Dave wanted to watch the football games, so we had hors d’oeuvres once again, but added Bloody Mary’s.  Then we had spaghetti with very good Italian sausage, followed by key lime pie.  But most of all, Judy and I talked and talked and talked!  Being with someone you knew when we were young just makes the years disappear.  Thank you Dave and Judy for feeding us so well.  And thanks to Nancy and Ken for driving over to spend time with us.  Special thanks go to Dave and Don for putting up with lots of giggles.

harp seal

Dorothy is a happy camper.

Sunday – January 15 - We arrived at Stacey’s home (Don’s cousin) and then headed to the New Orleans fairgrounds for a horse race.  Stacey had a horse running.  We had not been to a horse race before.  I liked the name of one of the horses (Fancy Feet) so I bet on her and won a little money.  Horse racing could be addicting and it’s more fun than the slot machines.

1 - 55S003

Moak Farms 55 South

Koko has passed two milestones – we have now spent 800 nights in her and the odometer just turned over 50,000 miles!

Monday – January 16 – Before we got away, we found Stacey’s Senor Seabolt, to make some requested pictures for Stacey Kate.

1 - Senor Seabold003

Moak Farms Champion Senor Seabolt at left

Today we made the 3 hour drive to Lafayette, LA.  We are camping at Acadiana Park Campground.  It’s a city park and it’s pretty good.  There are 57 campsites and only 4 campers here.  We made another trip to Rouse’s grocery store to get some homemade Italian sausage.  I keep buying stuff, but we have not had a meal in Koko until tonight.  Our refrigerator and freezer is stuffed.

Tuesday – January 17 – Bands of light rain are forecast today, so we decided we could stay put and eat breakfast at Prejean’s. I had Prejean’s Napoleon A tower of delicacies- a crisp polenta cake sits below a plump crab cake, crowned with a poached egg, drizzled in hollandaise sauce and laced with fresh shrimp and smoked tasso. Don had, Breaux Bridge Benedict Grilled butter biscuit, homemade boudin patties, topped with two poached eggs and smothered in crawfish etouffee.

Wednesday – January 18 – We left around 9:30 for the drive to Pearland, TX (which is just outside the I-610 loop in Houston) to spend a few days with our friends, George and Betty Schaeffer, whom we first met on the Lazy Daze Baja Caravan.  The drive on I-10 and I-610 was not bad as we had thought it would be, so we arrived in good time.  We had a nice visit and I enjoyed fixing dinner for our hosts.  Betty made a very good cake.  We are "camped" in their driveway.

Thursday, January 19 – we went into Houston, George driving of course, to the King Tutankhamun exhibit.  I had wanted to see it years ago in New Orleans, so this was our chance.  We really enjoyed it, but we had expected to see the sarcophagus that had been in New Orleans in the late 1970's, but it was not at the exhibit.  We did learn more about Egyptian history.  Maybe the Egyptian government doesn't allow the very priceless irreplaceable items to go on tour now.  Afterward we drove to The Pit and had a barbecue lunch.  Since we were all new, the owner came out and talked to us a while and gave us a tour of the barbecue pits and told us how the meat was cooked.  He also gave us a bottle of his barbecue sauce.  Another fun day, but I was very tired by 8:30 and we retired to Koko.

Friday, January 20 – We didn't leave this morning until almost noon going to TopWater Grill in San Leon on the bay.  We all had a good seafood lunch and then we had a tour of the area.  We both got a little nap this afternoon.  Of course, we enjoyed the hospitality of the Schaeffers again for cocktails.  In the years since Baja, we have seen George & Betty several times during our travels and have really enjoyed getting to spend more time with them.  They are wonderful hosts.  Hopefully we will see them again on the road this year.

Saturday, January 21 – We are headed two hours west to near Victoria to stay with some RV chums for a few days.

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