Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Here I go making friends again. As Alice Roosevelt quipped, If you have nothing nice to say, sit next to me. Native Colorado women must come from hardy stock. They are universally homely, but they look like they can handle outdoor winter living. They have unique voices. Not shrill, more like a slightly muffled and well modulated air raid siren. High and loud. I should practice what Plato wrote, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.

Sunday, we came down from the mountains. From 8,200 to 5,000 feet. We spent over $200 on groceries and still needed a Walmart run. By the time we got to Walmart it was 1:30, so we had French bread spread with gorgonzola cheese for lunch, then we napped before tackling Walmart. Finding we had a hot cell signal we opted to overnight at Walmart and surf the night away. It was nice to put on shorts after two weeks at altitude.


Speaking of mountains, did you know that Robert Redford’s character Jeremiah Johnson was based on Liver Eating Johnson? Yes, he ate the liver of those he killed. Powerful medicine I suppose.

I am posting this picture simply because I find it amusing. I do not plan on getting Rubi that close to the edge of the Grand Canyon. Nor would I ever, ever put my feet over the edge. Not even a toe. Most deaths at the GC are men that have had a few brews and decided to take a leak over the edge. I’m serious. Most of the other deaths there are alcohol related.

grand canyon

Back to Colorado. Monday we drove through Ft. Collins on US 287 which has every store one can imagine, many with cutesy names, it being a college town. Liquor stores are everywhere in the state. I think there are more here than in Louisiana. [There you can buy a bottle at the barber shop and get  drink at drive through daiquiri bars] In addition to liquor stores, Colorado is mountains, rivers, bicyclists and dogs. Oh, and wilderness areas. More than one can count. The greenies have done a fine job here of converting public lands to the coveted wilderness category. In case you don’t know, this means the only access is walking. I have mixed feeling about this. Yes, we should have some such areas. But, at some point it discriminates in favor of the able bodied.

This week we are parked along the Cache le Poudre River [pronounced pooder. Meaning cache of gun powder] It’s our first time in the area. The Wyoming border is mere miles north. The name of the river sounded interesting, so we came. [Thanks Mike C!]  There are many Forest Service CG’s along the river, we picked Dutch George. At only 6,600 feet the weather is delightful. Our site has a great view of the river and a bench overlooking it. The Poudre is a meca for white water, with Class 3-5 rapids and huge boulders to crash on. One rapid is named Dr. Suckhole and it certainly does have a deep hydraulic.

Dorothy has declared Dutch George to be one of her top 10 favorite campgrounds.

our site

Site #8 - $9.50 a night – Dorothy is on the veranda at the left

on the veranda

On the veranda

river action form the veranda

River action seen from the veranda

We hunted for a Jeep trail here, but all of the high roads are closed. Most from the severe flood damage last year, others have just not been opened yet.

Saw on the evening news that it is snowing in western Colorado. A winter storm warning is in effect. 80 and clear on the east side of the state.

Our neighbors from Ft. Collins, Tim and Chris, showed us the night sky with their telescope.

We moved north to Cheyenne Wednesday. So I will post this final edition of Colorado and start on Wyoming.


  1. I think we'll have to make a stop at Dutch Geroge

  2. I agree with you about not testing the edge of any precipice. That is one of my favorite movies; and part of it was filmed in Utah not far from where I used to live. Redford lived in Utah then.