Wednesday, June 25, 2014


We got to Wyoming the first of the week. It’s Friday now. We are slowly moving north along I25, enjoying parking in city parks and undisclosed locations for free. We are enjoying the openness, sense of freedom and the wonderful hospitality. Everyone we encounter seeks to do something for us. It’s like we have crossed into some time warp. Everything is small here. The capital is smaller than Montgomery. Unlike most capital buildings, you go in the front door. There is no security. The governor’s office is right inside the front door. We saw him on TV news. He was showing a new custom AR15 built by a Wyoming company. Nice advertisement.

10 - Wyomimg01 10 - Wyomimg06

Wyoming Capital - [Can you name the city?]

The pictures I like to post here attempt to show places that might entice others to go there. I am not an artist. The pictures that excite me make me want to go there. Here’s one of Iceland that makes me want to go there.


It sure as heck beats Artists Palette in Death Valley three ways to Sunday


One more, Canyon de Chelly. We just might be able to get there on the way home.

Starting in grade school you learn of the western trails. Four trails run along the North Platte River in Wyoming. The Oregon, California, Mormon and the short lived Pony Express. Beyond South Pass, Wyo, they start splitting like rope fibers. But on this section they are all one, through mostly flat country, the mountains still ahead.

An observation on culture. I read that 3 of 5 recent college graduates are living in their HS bedrooms. These must the ones with the ever useful something-studies degrees. [The degrees which mean they claim to have read some book which profoundly affected them] Without a degree I had a job, which allowed me to buy cars, rent apartments, while I went to college. I was never broke. Is it so different now? Mexicans are working oil rigs in Wyoming. They don’t have degrees. They are driving new trucks.

10 - Wyomimg11

As seen on I25. The car had Texas plates.


Continued on Wyoming II

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