Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wyoming - II

We left Lander for a familiar haunt of Pinedale on the west side of the Wind River Range. However, our CG of choice was closed for construction. Our next choice was swarming with mosquitoes, so we continued north towards the Tetons and found an adequate CG close to some promising places to explore.

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The Popo Agie River        Another mountain lake with the Wind River Range in the distance. We have been “with” wild flowers the last month everywhere we have been.

Next week is the dreaded Fourth of July. We need to find a place to hole up for that. It looks Idaho will be host to us for the Fourth week. We are about 98% certain that we will follow our original plan and go to Oregon. Instead of a month in the Cascades, we may spend it on the coast so to avoid any smoky fires. We do want to spend a little time in the general area of Bend, but this time explore some places that we never got around to on the previous trips. Without the kayaks lake camping is not a priority.

Wednesday, June 25 – A day of exploration or a day spent trying to find a good place to park. We first went down the Snake River. The Snake is everywhere. We will cross it several times between here and Oregon. On coming cars were flashing their lights and when we rounded a turn we found these characters licking salt? from the roadway.

10 - Wyomimg17 10 - Wyomimg18

A semi truck moved them to the shoulder, but they were soon back on the road.

We got to a T intersection and I said we have been here before, but I could not recall why or when. An hour or so later, it hit me that we used the road to bypass Jackson going from Pinedale to Driggs some years back. Finding no places that worked for us, we headed north, to the dreaded Jackson, a town we have bypassed twice before.

On the way, I noticed man that first appeared to be wading in the Hoback River. Not an usual sight as fly fishing is common here. I thought how the heck is he managing to stand up in the strong current? Then I saw he was surfing a standing wave in the river. I pulled in the next turnoff and found this sign.

10 - Wyomimg20

No pic of him, as he was on shore when we got there.

Actually Jackson is not real bad, only two or three blocks of congestion with fat cheesy tourists. Still seeking a “home” we went out Elk Refuge Road through, what else, the elk refuge. We saw no elk, but we did make a lot of pictures of the Tetons from a excellent perspective. The campground was OK, high above the valley, err hole, but the last three miles were on a rough road that we decided KoKo would not like.

 10 - Wyomimg23 10 - Wyomimg31_thumb[2]

The next campground on our list turned out to be a park service campground and we decided our hunt was over. We returned south and got KoKo and settled in. We sometimes spend more time in the Jeep driving than we do in KoKo. This was one of those days.  Six hours exploring, 40 minutes to move KoKo.

10 - Wyomimg24

No crash, they were turning on to final approach.

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