Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Premature End

Dorothy fell Monday and fractured her wrist. Surgery is required but can not take place until after the swelling goes down. We are terminating the trip to have the surgery done at home

13 - TheEnd02

The nurse proving to Dorothy that it really really hurts

Parked tonight in Lee Vining. We will attack the Mojave Friday. So looking forward to crossing the country this time of year. Where is the transporter when you really need it?

We have seen smoke from distant fires in every valley we have been through in California. Today the smoke from the Yosemite fire could be seen in Reno over 120 miles away.

Filled up the tank in Brookings, Oregon. That got us to Redding, CA where we found one station selling for $3.66 while the prevailing price was $3.90-4.00. That got us to Carson City, NV where Costco was selling it for $3.55. A station in Bridgeport was offering all you want for $4.86. Anywho, we can get to the Indian station in Bishop tomorrow and that should take us to loverly Barstow. Thankfully, the Golden State will not get much gas tax from us.


  1. Ouch, hope Dorothy mends well. Perhaps she should quit jogging on those mountain trails. Both of you be careful on the return trip.

  2. What a shame for both of you. We've been down that path too often so we know your feelings.

    When Carol was released from the hospital in Cheyenne me and the three dogs drove to Ft. Pierce, FL in 32 hours so we could be there when she arrived by plane.
    Drive safely.
    And don't do anything rash like selling Coco. :-)